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megalift 254 Fast Fit Lift

megalift 254 Fast Fit Lift - ex Photo Shoot

This is our new '2016' fast fit lift, and has been unboxed and assembled for photography purposes only
Only £1,595

Download the megalift 254 flyer

RAV 4401 – Electro-hydraulic 4 Post Lift

1 only in stock. Used for showroom display only, never used.
Only £3,500

Rav KPX337

Rav KPX337 – Electro-mechanical 2 Post Lift

We have 2 of these pre-ordered for a customer but never took delivery. Boxed as new.
Only £2,300

NG90 4

NG90 Nitrogen Inflation Unit - Ex-demo unit

Brand new and never been used, display only in our showroom. Fully-automatic unit.
Only £895

See more about the NG90


WC200 Wheel Lifter - Ex-demo unit

Perfect for complying with Health and Safety and essential for anyone handling heavy rim and tyre assemblies. Fully portable and air-operated.
Only £395

See more about the WC200

megaspin 200 2 a

megaspin 200-2 Wheel Balancer - Ex-showroom

A compact, motorised unit with automatic data input (2D/3D). Brand new and never been used, only for display.
Only £1,795

See more about the megaspin 200-2

megalign system 4

megalign System 4

This was supplied on loan to a customer whilst awaiting delivery of their computerised aligner. It has clearly been used but is in virtually new condition and will be sold as new with full warranty.
Only £1,895

See more about the megalign System 4

megamount-302-Racing for sale

megamount 302 Racing

The last of the 2013 stock, brand new, industrial duty and fully run-flat compatible. Once they're gone, they're gone!
Only £1,995

megalign Ssence 3D for sale

Ex-Showroom megaline Ssence 3D Wheel Alignment Systems

We have two units (model 400 and 600) available which were the original demonstration units from when we first launched the product at the beginning of 2014. Both brand new but show superficial signs of use.

See more about the megalign Ssence 3D
megamount Smart Plus

megamount Smart Plus (2015)

This top of the range, leverless tyre changer is a 'changeover' model between the Smart and the more recent Smart 2. They were essentially the last of the Smarts but included some of the new features that appeared on the Smart 2. They are a BARGAIN!
Only £4,995