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Does your garage need an alignment salesman?

Look no further than the Hofmann Megaplan TreadReader, capable of diagnosing misalignment and tyre wear condition in a way that informs customers and increases service sales.

This hand-held alignment technology provides an instant visual health check and promises to boost the sales of your alignment services.

James Boon, EVP of Garage Equipment on the TreadReader

"There is something about human nature that makes many of us naturally suspicious when someone tells you that you have to spend money! However, the TreadReader presents the customer with a very real appraisal of their tyres, in a color-coded and numbered format which is easy to understand, on a report that simply can't be argued with. It removes any doubt or apprehension in its entirety."

The unit itself is lightweight, robust (the company claims it has the same characteristics of the well-known brand hammer Drill) meaning it can withstand the volume use of a heavy-handed technician and requires just a few seconds to run over all 4 tyres for instant upload to a smartphone or tablet via the TreadReader App, which can then be converted into a hard printout or emailable document.

The TreadReader is the device taking the tyre and alignment industry by storm with its ability to inform customers in a clear and concise manner of the dangers their vehicle might be putting them in. The added bonus? A boost in business for garages that might otherwise have been missed out on. 

For more information on this innovative technology, take a look at the TreadReader on our website now.

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to book a showroom appointment and see the TreadReader in action!

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Case Study: JP Alloys

Hofmann Megaplan were recently pleased to return to JP Alloys in Cannock to fit a range of new lifts from the Cascos range as well as Tyre Fitting Equipment and own brand 2 post lifts.

Having worked with Hofmann Megaplan before, the company had always been happy with the quality and service offered and so choose to re engage with them on this project.

JP Alloys is a busy wheel refurbishment shop based in Bridgtown, working on a variety of cars covering all shapes and sizes. As one of the fastest growing alloy wheel refurbishment companies in the UK, JP Alloys employs only the latest technology at their cutting edge facility to repair, diamond cut and coat wheels to original manufacturer's standards. They can also provide bespoke finishes to clients' custom specifications.

On this occasion JP Alloys were looking for a reliable mid-rise scissor lift. This was to increase both the number and variety of cars that could be worked on.

Hofmann Megaplan were pleased to install a number of lifts with more to come, including the Cascos S255 mid-rise scissor lift and the megalift 4000-2 two post vehicle lift.

Tyre fitting equipment was also supplied as part of this install including the megamount 713 Evo and megaspin 420.

Andy Ringrose, Sales Manager at Hofmann Megaplan commented "JP Alloys and Darren have always been a pleasure to deal with and it has been a delight to continue supplying them with high quality lifts and tyre fitting equipment as the business continues to grow. We look forward to continuing our work with the company."

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Case Study: Mercedes Workshop

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Smart X Tyre Changer

Introducing from Hofmann Megaplan the newly renowned megamount Smart X tyre changer, the 'Ultimate Offering' in tyre removal machinery.

The megamount Smart X tyre changer combines advanced technology with safety intelligence, that allows this fully automated process to complete handling of any class 4 vehicle tyre with ease and proficiency.

What is different about the Smart X?

​As any new piece of garage equipment should do, the Smart X has introduced many new features that the industry hasn't seen before including:

​Fail Safe Dead Man System

​3D Mass Calculation via Twin Lasers

World Wide BMW Approval

Alongside these revolutionary capabilities, the Smart X also demonstrates the quality that has come to be synonymous with Hofmann Megaplan; the simplicity of the design, space efficiency and the intelligence of the technology to increase productivity within your garage.

For more information on the Smart X tyre changer, take a look at it's page now...

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 891011 to book an appointment to our showroom to see the megamount Smart X in action!

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MOT Bays: Our Service

As you know by now, the Hofmann Megaplan's ATL MOT site has moved! However that doesn't change the impeccable service we aim to give all the companies we have supplied garage equipment to, and worked with to achieve the best possible result for their MOT Bays.

Our specialist division for handling automotive testing equipment within the workshop, works tirelessly to make sure your ATL MOT workshop operations run efficiently with minimal interruption. We ensure we have individuals with the correct knowledge and skills, working with you on these projects to guarantee maximum productivity and minimum time to delivery and installation of your MOT Testing Equipment.

What do we offer?

Having been a leading supplier of garage and MOT equipment since 1931, our product standards are of the highest quality and we wouldn't supply equipment with the famous 'H' logo on it, if we didn't feel it was up to scratch.

We can supply test equipment for:

Visit Hofmann Megaplan ATL MOT now for more information. 

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 891011 to book an appointment with our ATL/MOT specialists.

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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation vs Air Tyre Inflation

As we are entering the winter months, it is becoming more imperative with the colder weather for us to keep track on our tyre pressure. And whether you decide to use Nitrogen or Air, regular maintenance remains critical and necessary.

Why is it necessary?

With every 10 degrees the temperature drops your tyres lose 1-2 PSI. As the temperature gradually declines the likelihood of you noticing such a massive change in your tyre pressure is highly unlikely, however if you don't check, you will begin to see your dashboard light pop up and you will be more liable to punctures. 

Nitrogen vs Air.

To combat the loss of tyre pressure, switch from air (oxygen) to nitrogen in your tyres. As Nitrogen molecules are bigger they aren't capable of permeating the rubber like oxygen does, meaning your tyre pressure will remain consistent for longer in the cooler weather conditions. Oxygen also degrades the inner rubber membrane of the tyre that provides a watertight seal, wearing out the tyre faster, and therefore causing you more frequent expenses by replacing them.

You will be required to pay an extra fee for the privilege, nevertheless, you will save money on fuel, part repairs etc. that you will inevitably encounter if you don't switch to Nitrogen.

Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 891011 to speak to one of our specialists, or check out our Nitrogen Inflation Equipment for more information.

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MOT & ATL has moved!

Hofmann Megaplan's ATL MOT site has moved! You can now find all our MOT Bay and Automated Test Lane equipment on the main Hofmann Megaplan website.

ATL/MOT is our specialist division for handling automotive testing equipment within the workshop. The specialist team works tirelessly to make sure your workshop operations run efficiently with little interruptions right from the planning stage. We have individuals with expert knowledge and skills working on projects to guarantee the perfect bespoke bay for your garage.

Why have we moved MOT Bays & ATL?

For ease of use! Moving our ATL MOT products onto the main site helps you see the full range on offer when looking to spec your garage out for new equipment, from lifts to MOT Bays, Tyre Changers to AC recovery machines.

Can you still find the same products?

Absolutely! Nothing has changed in regards to our product range.

We still supply the same industry-leading equipment and services to make sure everything is working properly and runs smoothly. 

Our specialist engineers liaise with you during the planning, execution and post-installation phases of the project, to deliver reliable test lanes that generate consistent results, and dependable income.




What are you waiting for? Visit Hofmann Megaplan ATL MOT now!

Do you need more information or advice on what we can do to help your workshop? Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to book an appointment with our MOT Station specialists. 

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Case Study: Listers Honda

We are pleased to share a recent example of our engineers brilliant attention to detail when completing an install at Listers Honda.

The site, based in Stratford upon Avon required a complete tyre machine package upgrade and opted for the megamount 503 tyre changer and megaspin 420 wheel balancer.

As you can see below, the machines look incredible in the garage and the attention to detail by our engineers means a tidy and professional finish. 

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NEW AT AUTOMECHANIKA 2018 | megaspin 1200P Touchless Wheel Balancer (Video)

Our very own Andy Currell was present at Automechanika Frankfurt, performing the demonstrations. We got a quick video of him demonstrating the speed and simplicity of the megaspin 1200P.

Automechanika 2018 saw the official unveiling of the full-production megaspin 1200P 'Touchless' Wheel Balancer. 

Shown previously as a concept model, the 1200P is now ready for sale, with the first batch on their way to the UK. This ingenious new 'flagship' addition to the range takes conventional wheel balancing closer to the multi-million pound fully automated systems than ever before. 

The operator is only required to mount the wheel and lower the guard. A combination of laser and sonar then takes a detailed profile of the rim, eliminating the need for any manual data input. Once the balancing cycle is completed, the operator can choose to place the weights wherever is most convenient.

The balancer will compensate and adjust to give the imbalance values for that exact position chosen. Automatically locking the wheel into place, the weight application process is made even easier with twin lasers pointing to the exact positions. The risk of human error is minimised to near impossible levels and so no checkspin is required; simply apply the weights and remove the wheel!

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Celebrating Success: Luke Rivett GEA Accreditation

We are pleased to share with everyone the recent success of Hofmann Megaplan Service Installation Technician Luke Rivett, who has achieved his GEA accreditation in the discipline of Vehicle Lifts. 

The GEA accreditation represents an industry standard of excellence in the automotive equipment sector and is highly respected across the UK. 

The accreditation, carried out by the GEA, involves participants taking part in a test with standards set by the Health and Safety Executive. This combined with the reputation of the test being highly demanding on candidates means it has earnt its place in the landscape as a top sign of skill and achievement. 

Please join us in saying a big well done to Luke for his efforts in continuously developing his skill set and helping us to offer our customers a first class service that is completely up to date with modern industry standards.

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Case Study: Training 2000 Blackburn

Alignment Solution + Lift for UClan FacilityEnter heading here...

Training 2000 has been established for over 50 years and is a large Group Training Association offering business solutions, commercial courses and Apprenticeship programmes across multiple industry sectors.

In 2017, Training 2000 became part of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) meaning that their apprentices have a direct route to a Degree Apprenticeship.

Speaking to Hofmann Megaplan after the installation representatives from the association said they went for the Hofmann Megaplan Ssence HD because of its simplicity and its ease of use for the students. The entire team couldn't wait to get stuck in and start aligning vehicles.

Steve from Training 2000 added "The simple to use software has all the tools needed for an organisation like us. The print out reports and saved data comes in good use when students want to track their progress throughout the terms."

Commenting on the alignment engineer for Hofmann Megaplan, Steve added: "Chris Jones was very helpful and provided excellent on-site training."

See the full gallery of the install including Ssence HD and Alignment Geolift below. 

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The Wheel Alignment Blog | Benefits of Offering Alignment

"Why do I need to offer wheel alignment?" A question those not already well versed in providing alignment services may ask, and a valid one to those not in the know. This month we're going to put forth a few of the most common reason garages choose to add alignment to their service roster. We hope if you don't already, it will quickly become clear why you should invest

One of the main reason you need to offer alignment services is the huge demand caused by the state of many UK roads. Many potholes are not going anywhere any time soon. Alongside speed bumps and kerbs, all can cause havoc for suspension and thus alignment.

What's more, any work completed on a vehicle's suspension, including wheel bearings, springs, arms and shocks to name but a few, will also impact a vehicle's alignment and thus a check should be completed following work of this nature. This also includes dropping down of the subframe to fit clutches and gearboxes. Could you be offering alignment alongside this work to give your customers the best ride possible?

It is easy to overlook the fact that wheels are also getting bigger whilst tyre profiles are getting lower. What does this mean for your customers? More strain for the suspension! Refer to the point above. While the suspension is designed to bend, with many alloy and mild steel components offer greater bend, the alignment will always bear some of this impact.

Modern vehicles also contain many electronics and these rely on alignment being correct. These can fail and render a car undrivable, all because the alignment hasn't been reset.

What we all need to remember is that the customer wants a straight steering wheel and for the car to perform as it should. As a vehicle operator, errors here are often the most obvious to spot, hence one of the most important things to be corrected.

It is for this reason we recommend an alignment check every 10,000 miles or every service.

Did we mention alignment not only helps your customers and improves your service offering but also makes you more money! The average price for 1 adjustment (e.g. front toe) can be £30-£35. That means doing a fully adjustable car could make you a couple of hundred pounds.

It's not just the alignment you'll be making money on either. Just a few examples include:

  • You will be able to identify and fix further issues, e.g. worn or bent components
  • In many cases, you will have to un-seize components or replace the track rod ends in order to complete alignment, all chargeable work

What else might you need to inform the customer of?

  • Alignment allows you to make sure the car will respond correctly once a new part is fitted or old part removed
  • You can provide them with a before and after printout to illustrate how the car has been adjusted
  • You are able to keep a record of all alignments on the machine as evidence, demonstrating that when the car left everything was as it should be. Months or even weeks later it could be out again and that isn't because you didn't do it right the first time!

Ecoline 88 recently installed in a customers site by the Hofmann Megaplan alignment engineers.

Time to offer alignment?

By now we're hoping that if you don't already offer the service, you're seeing the great value that can be gained by offering alignment. Based on some of the above examples, machines like our Ecoline 88 can 100% pay themselves off in as little as 6 months, completing as few as 4 averagely priced alignments a week to do so! That's 100% profit for your garage thereafter. You can work this out for yourself by using our online revenue calculator now!

Call our team today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss the maths and find out more about the expansive range of wheel alignment solutions Hofmann Megaplan offers to suit all garages and requirements.

Author | Warren Carr | Wheel Alignment Specialist

My name is Warren Carr and I'm from the team of alignment engineers at Hofmann Megaplan. I will be using this blog to regularly highlight some practical hints and tips which will help you, our garage professionals, achieve great results with your equipment, no matter the make of alignment machine. 

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Case Study: Jubilee 77 Garage 2018

We are pleased to share with you a recent install completed by the Hofmann Megaplan team at Jubilee 77 Garage in Ilfracombe, Devon.

The guys at Jubilee 77 have had a brand new Twister Evo tyre changer and megaspin 420 wheel balancer installed by two of the Hofmann Megaplan team.

When Harry from Jubilee 77 Garage got in contact following the install he said "I am incredibly happy with the machines and just wanted to call to say thank you!"

He also added that "the two engineers that attended and completed the install were great and they should perhaps try their hands at being comedians!"

We pleased the Jubilee 77 Garage are happy with their new machines, which already look at home, and that the Hofmann Megaplan team were able to bring a smile to their faces during the install! 

The Twister Evo installed in Jubilee 77.
megaspin 420 wheel balancer.
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People the Most Important Asset in MOT Design & Installation

Hofmann Megaplan has been looking beyond just the equipment their specialist MOT division provides to focus on what they believe is key to any install; people and the skills they possess which make them amongst the most approachable and knowledgeable in the industry. 

Whilst the automotive testing equipment fitted within the workshop is a vital part of any MOT Bay, from headlamp testers, brake testers and lifts right through to all the necessary ancillaries needed to create a professional vehicle testing setup, it is the people that bring these elements together. They are the pivotal part of any installation.

Hofmann Megaplan has long been proud of its people. They are the component which make each installation so satisfying. Having individuals that make up a team with years' worth of successful installations behind them ensures every MOT Bay is installed with the long term business objectives of the customer in mind. 

Why do people matter?

Supplying and installing MOT equipment can be a complex process, with no two projects the same. With many different factors to consider including the fringe services, tradesmen involved and the scope for unforeseen issues, it can all be quite messy.

Hofmann Megaplan prides itself on having the right people for the job leading these projects. Their service means that as a business owner or manager, you do not end up wasting your time micro managing the installation. Our engineers do as much as is needed to ensure everything is completed correctly and smoothly. The experience they have brings money can't buy value to your MOT installation that can also save you in the long run.

People First, Even After Installation

This human approach carries on post installation as well. By running various comprehensive training courses, every customer is able to ensure they get the most out of their investment. The flexibility to complete training on its own or as part of an install is another great example of putting people first in MOT design, installation and beyond.

Whether its full supply and installation of complete MOT Bays, provision and install of individual equipment, a complete 'hand holding' service and project management or ongoing calibrations, maintenance contracts and aftersales support, Hofmann Megaplan have the people to complete this work with the human touch needed to help your business succeed. Call them today on 01480 8-9-10-11.

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The Wheel Alignment Blog | Benefits to the Customer

As a provider of wheel alignment services, chances are you know the advantages this service brings to your business but have you got the patter down on how to convey the benefits of alignment to your customers? Read on to find out the main arguments to put forward when someone is hesitant to sort their alignment.

Burning money on new rubber

New tyres can be costly. On average you can pay £110 per tyre so 4 tyres would be equivalent to a week's average wage. Depending on how bad the vehicle's alignment is, your customers could be wasting a tyre for every 4 you fit! They may try to blame the standard of tyre used or the quality of your job but it is important that they understand tyre will be subject to far more damage under the stresses of misalignment.

The car performs as intended 

Mis-alignment means a car does not perform as it would have when driven out of the factory. Responsiveness in the steering will be impacted and the handling will suffer because the tyres will be struggling to do their job. Completing alignment checks and adjustments will help keep the vehicle on the road. Neglecting to do so is putting all the occupants at risk.

Improved Fuel efficiency means real savings 

Many vehicle owners will often complain that their car seems to get through fuel quicker and quicker, but they do not realise how correct alignment can help a tank go further. Imagine having to push a car up a hill. Obviously, you're going to use much more energy than you would on a flat surface.

Effectively that's what your car is having to do when the alignment is out! The more you accelerate, the more fuel and power is needed to reach the same speed.

More than just wheels need replacing

It's not just the wheels that misalignment can wear away. As cars have gotten more advanced, the cost of components has also increased. Replacing wheel bearings with built-in speed sensors can cost a good few hundred pounds to buy and fit. Why do they need replacing? Because bearings get hot and wear prematurely due to miss alignment.

The same also applies to the bushes and joints on your car as they are having to work much harder simply to drag your tyres down the road. Expensive right?!

What can you do for your customers?

Just as the team at Hofmann always seek to advise our customers to ensure they get the most out of their tyre machines and garage equipment, you too can advise your customers and educate them as to why alignment is so important based on the above.

It is common practice to recommend your customer check their wheel alignment and have it adjusted as needed every 10,000 miles or at every service, whichever happens first.

Author | Warren Carr | Wheel Alignment Specialist

​My name is Warren Carr and I'm from the team of alignment engineers at Hofmann Megaplan. I will be using this blog to regularly highlight some practical hints and tips which will help you, our garage professionals, achieve great results with your equipment, no matter the make of alignment machine.

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Is this the death of the Tilt arm? The Par Move Concept

The first Tyre Changer of its kind, the 813XL from Hofmann Megaplan, features a new concept in tyre fitting which is set to shake up the industry.

For most the sight of a tilt back arm is now commonplace on their tyre machine and has been for some time. However, there have always been some drawbacks for certain users where space may be a premium or strength and speed is a priority.

The 813XL from Hofmann Megaplan is the first of its kind with the introduction of the Par Move Concept. The patented parallelogram design works to eliminate flex, increase speed and reduce the required space for a machine. All mounted on a re-enforced chassis and with a robust fixed vertical tower, we could be looking at a new industry standard. 

How the Par Move Concept works

With the mounting head attached to a fixed vertical column, it rotates around pivot points rather than tilting back in the traditional manner. The possibility for flex from the force of the arm is all but eliminated.

The Par Move Concept also means far less space is required as all movement is achieved through a series of pivots on the front of the machine. The machine sits flush with its back to the wall and allows over 1 metre of space to be recovered.

Par Move also offers far greater precision than traditional tilt arm machines. The movement of the mounting head on a traditional tilt arm is carried out through sliding parts and manual adjustments. The pins and bushings of the Par Move parallelogram system are far more precise.

The 813XL also includes a QuadraClamp 4 cylinder turntable and brand new IntelliPro dual assist arm system which gives users the simplest, most effective and most ergonomic twin-assist arm design Hofmann Megaplan have ever produced.

The 813XL is available now to view online. Call the Hofmann Megaplan team on 01480 8-9-10-11 for more information and to arrange a free live demonstration.

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The ULTRA Package that Sells Alignment For You

Hofmann Megaplan is set to offer the most advanced 3D alignment system available to date on the market. But the ULTRA is more than just a 3D aligner.

The stunning design and slick operation of the market-leading Ssence 3D wheel aligner have now been integrated with the easy to use, compact yet powerful TreadReader. The result? A next level alignment package that offers the owner ULTRA revenue potential.

The ULTRA is the first system to include technology designed not only to carry out alignment but to actually help the end user sell both alignment and tyres. The ingenious handheld 3D TreadReader allows the technician to grab a full appraisal of the tyre condition in seconds, providing an on-screen or printed report. This gives the vehicle owner a clear insight into the adverse wear on their tyres and the need for alignment.

It is the complete integration of the products through the provided megaTab that makes the ULTRA both unique and intuitive in how it is operated. The addition of the TreadReader alongside the market leading Ssence 3D means alignment engineers can truly capitalise on the potential offered from owning a computerised alignment system.

Managing Director, Mark Berryman commented "Hofmann Megaplan are pleased to have been able to take our market-leading 3D alignment solution and empower users to maximise its capacity. It is fair to say that the ULTRA offers a full wheel alignment servicing solution from prospecting phase right through to aligning. It's like having your own dedicated tyre and alignment salesman full time."

Hofmann Megaplan are pleased to exclusively offer the ULTRA alignment package, the only system with integrated TreadReader technology, at a discounted launch rate. Call the team now on 01480 8-9-10-11 to find out more. 

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The Wheel Alignment Blog | Watch the Steering!

Following a standard service and adjustment, there is nothing quite as frustrating as putting your alignment system away, only to find customers complaining that the steering wheel isn't straight when the vehicle is driving in a straight line.

This month we are going to look at a very common issue. Its one that regularly turns out to be the cause of misalignment yet is mostly nothing to do with your alignment system at all. However, it is all to do with how you use it. I'm going to tackle the all too common issues with alignment relating to the steering wheel straightness.

Following these steps and tips should help ensure the steering wheel and alignment match up every time:

  1. Firstly, ensure your machine is correctly calibrated
  2. Ensure your turn plates are in good condition
  3. Complete your vehicle pre-checks, I.E Tyre pressures, Tread wear, joint play etc.
  4. Check to see if you have clean lenses (CCD) or targets (3D)
  5. Ensure the clamps are fitted evenly around the rim (Ensure run out is done if using uncalibrated clamps I.E. 4 point)
  6. Always use 4 wheel alignment, not 2! (2 wheel alignment is only suitable for old vehicles where the rear wheels are hidden under arches.)
  7. You should not be sitting in the car when you put on the steering wheel clamp on. Instead, lean into the vehicle to avoid any change to the bump steer in the car.
  8. Remember: clamp your steering wheel straight as that is where it will be when driving straight ahead. (Many customers clamp the steering wheel near the end of a castor swing believing the computer is asking you to clamp when straightening the front wheels.)
  9. Continue with your alignment, bearing the below potential issues in mind.
ALWAYS REMEMBER: You are not just looking to get all numbers on the readout green! The same numbers either side indicate a straight steering wheel.

Post Alignment Check

 At the end of the alignment process, and just before you start to remove the heads/clamps, on select systems you are able to click back to the front toe screen in the alignment program. If you remove the clamp and wiggle the steering wheel from side to side, the numbers on the screen should change accordingly. Now try and equal the toe numbers either side. Stand back – the steering wheel should be straight. If not, re-centre the wheel and re-adjust the toe.

Steering Wheel Alignment Issues to look out for:

  • When undoing seized or tight lock nuts, the extra force used could move the steering wheel around. It is only the steering wheel clamp that holds the front wheels straight so be careful!
  • I've found a lot of customers will heat up locked nuts or track rod ends to get them moving. As we know though, heat expands the metal and this can mean your system will give the incorrect readings. You can solve this by first getting the nut to move freely, then cooling it down with a cloth soaked in cold water. Now make the adjustment. You should be replacing the track rod ends as new MOT laws now forbid the heating of these components


Crabbing is a common term used by mechanics and customers alike, but it should really be referred to as a vehicles thrust line. This is the direction that the rear road wheels/ axle are pointing.

On more basic alignment machines, such as laser or even some computer systems, it is important to check the rear alignment as well. Failing to ensure the rear wheels are in-line with the front may cause the vehicle to "crab". This will mean you'll never get the steering wheel straight. The driver of this car would be turning their wheel to the left just to drive straight!

It is important to understand that the rear wheels are dictating the direction of the car and the front wheels are only compensating to keep the vehicle straight or steer. This is why it is important to find the thrust line and compensate for it when using lasers.

Note: Most modern computers will compensate for this issue.

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Hofmann Megaplan Celebrate Success

The Hofmann Megaplan team celebrated in style this weekend at the companies annual Summer Party 2018.

This year's summer party offered the opportunity to congratulate all staff for what has been the most successful 6-months in the history of the company, making it a phenomenal first half to 2018.

This result is a testament to the knowledgeable and hard working team at Hofmann Megaplan. Their expertise has seen some huge orders across the board secured. This includes the range of tyre changers and wheel balancers that have become the bell-weather of garage equipment in the UK and Europe.

Ever growing in reputation in the same markets are the vehicle lifts offered by Hofmann megaplan. They are lighter, stronger and more robust than the competition. The wheel alignment machines range ensures equipment to suit every budget and requirement of even the most demanding garage or dealership. Add to this commercial equipment, nitrogen inflation and air conditioning machines and the range of garage equipment available and its success within the marketplace are truly great.

On every occasion the sales & scheduling teams have worked in harmony with our skilled engineers to ensure delivery, setup and training have been seamless, leaving customers satisfied every time.

The dedicated sales team, finance, parts, admin and management all had a great time celebrating what is turning into an amazing year for Hofmann Megaplan. Rest assured though, they will all be back ready to take your orders or answer your queries from Monday morning.

Give us a call on 01480 89 10 11 or request a callback. 

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Automechanika 2018 | Review

Pulse 8 and megamount 813xl both in action at Automechanika 2018

Hofmann Megaplan was pleased to see so many delegates from the automotive aftermarket and vehicle production sector at Automechanika 2018.

The 3-day event took place at the NEC, Birmingham and saw Hofmann Megaplan launch a number of new products including the OWB (One Weight Balance) technology for wheel balancing.

It was a record attendance at the show which also saw over 500 suppliers from over 26 countries set up stands in the 3 halls which the event took over.

New from Hofmann Megaplan
megamount 813xl

The Hofmann Megaplan stand was pushed for space with a wide variety of machines in operation for delegates to inspect. This included the brand new megamount 813xl which proved popular on its show debut. As the first of its kind in the market, this tyre changer is a fully automatic machine but without a traditional tilt back arm.

The Hofmann Megaplan team were on hand to explain to delegates how the innovative parallelogram design operates the mounting head with control and precision, removing all flex while fitting. 

The new Pulse 8 Wheel Aligner on show at Automechanika 2018

Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Alongside the OWB technology for balancing, a brand new wheel alignment system was also available for preview at the show. The Pulse 8 sits between the Ecoline 88 (ccd) and the Ssence 600 HD (3d) and is available to order now. Simply call 01480 8-9-10-11 to find out more now.

Automechanika 2018 proved a valuable opportunity for delegates to see the full range of wheel alignment machines Hofmann Megaplan offers side by side. If you missed out then a visit to the fully operational live demonstration showroom can also be booked by calling 01480 8-9-10-11.

The OWB (one weight balance) balancing software program that will be featuring on multiple machines, including the ms420, ms820, ms1200 and ms2000 was on show at Automechanika 2018. This was its first outing with many delegates impressed at the benefits the system can offer. For more on how OWB works speak to one of our experts today or arrange to visit us for a demo.

Managing Director of Hofmann Megaplan Mark Berryman (right) with the team and delegates

​In Summary, Managing Director Mark Berryman said of the event "This was an extremely well run and slick operation. I take great pride in any opportunity Hofmann Megaplan has to showcase its incredible range of machines and Automechanika never fails to draw in the right crowd from all areas of the automotive and garage sectors. We look forward to returning next year."


Other images from the Hofmann Megaplan team at Automechanika 2018:

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