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An early end to the MOT Exemption? Are you ready?

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The Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday night (10/05/2020) showed an indication of things to come. For many, it meant relaxation on certain national lockdown requirements that may have left their cars on the drive.

This new guidance is now encouraging many people to go back to work, where working from home is not possible.

The latest information obtained by the GEA suggests the DVSA would like to remove the Vehicle MOT extension program as soon as is practical to do so. this could mean a significant spike in the demand for MOT tests sooner rather than later. 

For the DVSA this means ensuring MOT sites are able to operate normally & that MOT equipment is calibrated.

This has also raised the questions of when the DVSA might revoke the concession allowing MOT stations to operate even if their inspection equipment has expired the calibration due date.

As an industry, this update prompts the need to be prepared for action as there are now many overdue MOT tests required in a very short window.

Are you ready to complete MOT Tests when these changes happen? Have you been thinking about installing an MOT Bay but been unsure on timing or cost? 

Talk to the experts at Hofmann Megaplan today on 01480 8-9-10-11. Our team are available to help answer these questions & provide you with information on what might be required to start testing in time for these changes.

Other areas to consider: 

Is your business ready to open? Are you operating safely for staff and customers? Some things to consider:

  • If you have furloughed staff, 
    • How are you going to bring them back to work, what notice period is required to your staff to come off furlough?
    • What provisions do your staff need to organise to be able to return to work such as childcare?
    • How to end furloughed staff in your payroll system/government claims process?
  • Ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers, have you completed/updated risk assessments for the following:
    • Office/admin staff 
    • Mechanics/ tyre fitters on the road
    • Staff collecting parts from distribution centres/stores
    • Driving/fuelling vehicles
  • Provide reassurance to employees and customers that appropriate steps have been taken to maintain a safe environment:
    • Publish your new and or updated risk assessments to all staff
    • Publish policies on safe systems of working (such as social distancing requirements)
    • Inform customers of required protocols for when a mechanic attends site, what the mechanic will and will not do i.e. not requiring signatures on paperwork etc.
    • Show effort in the form of signage, floor marking, barriers, etc. 
    • Call customers ahead of appointments to ensure all of the above is clear, advise on special requirements & stagger arrival time within the workshop to help with social distancing
  • Issue PPE as identified by your risk assessment and ensure your people know how to use it, when to use it and that it's used correctly.
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