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Customer Feedback - It Just Keeps Coming....

If you get it, flaunt it! That's our motto, so when we have all these customers telling us how good we perform, I think it's always a good idea to share it - because if you are one of the increasingly few tyre equipment users in our industry not currently using Hofmann Megaplan, then hopefully this will give you another reason why you should!

Here are a couple of recent contribution we've had from customers. The first is from Costco Birmingham, where the Tyre Bay Manager sent an email to his Manager complementing the engineer in particular, and the second is from Point S member Victor Barrie Tyres, who dealt with us for the first time and sent an email to the Point S HQ...

"Hi Steve - Just to let you know that I just had a Level 1 service carried out on my machines and ramps.
This was without doubt the most thorough service I have ever witnessed. The guy did a great job, he went the extra mile checking that all the machines operated at speeds we were happy with, and even ensured all of his oily hand marks were cleaned off, and was just a really helpful, polite guy.
I have unfortunately since forgotten his name. They always do a good job but this
guy went the extra mile. Please pass my praise onto Hofmann Megaplan. Top job. - Regards, Noel "

"Hello John - I trust you are well. Just a quick note about Hofmann Megaplan.
I had an urgent need of a new tyre fitting machine after one of my machines in the City branch failed in the middle of a very busy day. A phone call on that day resulted in a new machine installed and in use on the following morning.
I didnt even need to tidy up after the engineers, a pleasant change from the usual scenario from our old supplier!!.
James Boon and his team are an example to everyone on how to do it properly.
Feel free to circulate my comments to all members of Point S.  - BEST WISHES. Barry Fenwick"

Another pat on the back for Lee Parrott, Andy Currell (the two engineers involved), and the rest of the service team for helping make it all happen...
OWB Wheel Balancer Launched at AutoMechanika 2018

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