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EVs cheaper to service than ICE cars, new data confirms

Supply chain management and consultancy firm, Fleet Assist, has concluded that battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are 22% cheaper to service (on average) than equivalent fossil fuel vehicles. The company reached the conclusion by analysing all of its data for 2022 thus far - all 850,000 vehicles and 5,200 garages worth. According to the organisation, the price differential largely comes down to reduced labour costs; there are simply fewer components requiring regular servicing on an EV when compared to an ICE vehicle.Parts costs can be lower, too. On average, the parts spend for an EV service is 28% less than for an ICE vehicle. Again, this can be attributed to an EV’s decreased reliance on wear and tear items like brakes, as well as a reduction in the number of moving parts.

Without oil changes to contend with, Fleet Assist says that the most commonly replaced parts in an EV service tend to be pollen filters, bulbs, key fob batteries, wiper blades and brake fluid. Although this is good news for EV drivers, it’s not expected to remain the case forever. Fleet Assist says that dealers will likely raise their labour costs to maintain current levels of profitability.

Vincent St Claire, MD at Fleet Assist, said: “Fleet and retail drivers cannot take it for granted that BEV SMR prices will remain cheaper than ICE cars, as over time costs could become more comparable.

“Garages are already starting to come to terms with how EVs will impact their servicing revenues and workshop traffic in the longer term. We may see more garages looking at ways to address how the paradigm shift of BEV aftersales is going to challenge their service provision and fees they charge.”

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