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Investment in your garage equipment can come in all shapes & sizes!

As soon as garage equipment suppliers mention the term 'investment', many business owners are naturally suspicious. Whether you are starting up a new business or upgrading worn out machinery, being skeptical about spending more can cause concern. Be honest, is this you?

For some reason the word 'investment' is often automatically associated with a huge price tag.

Investment doesn't necessarily mean £££££s!

Accumulate & Evolve!

Obtaining the best garage equipment necessary for your services can take time – especially if you are starting from scratch. You'll may have even made the mistake of opting for a budget not up to the job you're doing.

Even if you have been established for a while, pushing that hard-earned cash into the best equipment can be hard.

So, what can you do to make it easier? Or are there other avenues to take to improve your garage operations?

Brand New Businesses

Purchasing tyre fitting equipment that is essential over desirable is often how the decision is made when just starting out. That is until you are busy, getting customers with varying vehicles, tyres, rims and issues coming in. You know you can sustain your business, but will your equipment keep up?

Budget can be a massive hindrance in the beginning!

As your business begins to develop, so should your garage equipment, to more efficient models capable of doing more, faster and with less chance for human error.Modern tyre fitting equipment is designed to save you money, not just make you more. 

Business been quiet? That won't change if you carry on the same

If you have been around a while, you'll know that change doesn't just happen. Customers will not randomly start coming through your doors. To get more out of your business, you must first be willing to put into your business.

There are always deals to be had! Whether its equipment to improve your service offering, tech to help sell or marketing to reach potential customers.

You might try an end of line or ex-demo sales to get your hands on a premium model of tyre fitter. Maybe investment in devices that make tyre conditions more transparent like the TreadReader will increase your sales? Maybe you have all this? Do people even know your garage exists or what you offer? Is it marketing that you need to invest in?

Check out our Hofmann Megaplan offers online & call us to order today!


Not every investment has to be a big investment! Have a plan

Besides the bigger garage equipment that is needed to complete basic tyre-fitting, other quick wins can be made to make your services flourish.

Hofmann Megaplan's versatile range not only provides the most advanced tyre fitting equipment within the automotive industry but also supplies garage accessories to make use of small spaces & work proactively with the big machines.

Check out our Accessories now!

Be inspired & get advice! We're here to help 

Our expert team will advise you on the right investment for your budget & your services. We aim to find a solution that is going to work for your garage and the demand you see from your garage. D and R Tyres, for example, identified a gap in aligning commercial vehicles locally. With help and consultation from Hofmann Megaplan they have now been able to capitalise on this opportunity and are the only go-to garage for many businesses in the area.

Check out our entire range of garage equipment online now or call us on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss certain requirements in more detail.

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