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NEW AT AUTOMECHANIKA 2018 | megaspin 1200P Touchless Wheel Balancer (Video)

Our very own Andy Currell was present at Automechanika Frankfurt, performing the demonstrations. We got a quick video of him demonstrating the speed and simplicity of the megaspin 1200P.

Automechanika 2018 saw the official unveiling of the full-production megaspin 1200P 'Touchless' Wheel Balancer. 

Shown previously as a concept model, the 1200P is now ready for sale, with the first batch on their way to the UK. This ingenious new 'flagship' addition to the range takes conventional wheel balancing closer to the multi-million pound fully automated systems than ever before. 

The operator is only required to mount the wheel and lower the guard. A combination of laser and sonar then takes a detailed profile of the rim, eliminating the need for any manual data input. Once the balancing cycle is completed, the operator can choose to place the weights wherever is most convenient.

The balancer will compensate and adjust to give the imbalance values for that exact position chosen. Automatically locking the wheel into place, the weight application process is made even easier with twin lasers pointing to the exact positions. The risk of human error is minimised to near impossible levels and so no checkspin is required; simply apply the weights and remove the wheel!

OWB Wheel Balancer Launched at AutoMechanika 2018

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