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Nitrogen Tyre Inflation vs Air Tyre Inflation

As we are entering the winter months, it is becoming more imperative with the colder weather for us to keep track on our tyre pressure. And whether you decide to use Nitrogen or Air, regular maintenance remains critical and necessary.

Why is it necessary?

With every 10 degrees the temperature drops your tyres lose 1-2 PSI. As the temperature gradually declines the likelihood of you noticing such a massive change in your tyre pressure is highly unlikely, however if you don't check, you will begin to see your dashboard light pop up and you will be more liable to punctures. 

Nitrogen vs Air.

To combat the loss of tyre pressure, switch from air (oxygen) to nitrogen in your tyres. As Nitrogen molecules are bigger they aren't capable of permeating the rubber like oxygen does, meaning your tyre pressure will remain consistent for longer in the cooler weather conditions. Oxygen also degrades the inner rubber membrane of the tyre that provides a watertight seal, wearing out the tyre faster, and therefore causing you more frequent expenses by replacing them.

You will be required to pay an extra fee for the privilege, nevertheless, you will save money on fuel, part repairs etc. that you will inevitably encounter if you don't switch to Nitrogen.

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