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Raise your manual handling knowledge! Can you afford not to?

Hofmann Megaplan takes the safety of its team and customers very seriously. Especially within the automotive industry where the risks are increased by the weight of the equipment and vehicles, we work around.

Often overlooked is vehicle wheels! These might not be the heaviest item in the garage but daily lifting from heights can cause unseen damage. In fact, the unnecessary impact and stress being put onto your body can be difficult to identify until too late!

As a garage owner, it is best to not risk your own or your team's welfare.

What is manual handling?

Seems a simple question to answer - but can you?

The term manual handling relates to lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering and carrying loads (weight doesn't come into it!).

So, how many times a day do you carry out one or more of these actions?

Potential Implications..

No-one wants to be dealing with an injured employee, particularly if it is a manual handling error.

Some simple policy and the correct equipment can be the difference between a happy employee and avoidable physical injuries to limbs, tendons, heart and, most commonly, the muscles and back.

Not to mention, where there is blame, there is often a claim.

Back, shoulder and neck injuries are very common within the industry and these problems are no joke! Manual handling injuries account for nearly half of all tyre-bay related incidents. (HSA)

Lift the safety of your employees by decreasing manual handling in your garage!

Be one step ahead of the game and cut down the amount of manual handling required in your garage with our WC300 Wheel Lifter.

We promise this device is worth the investment. Your team will use it daily, be at their most efficient and avoid the risk of serious injury.

The completely portable battery-powered wheel lifter offers three speeds for swift lifting, without breaking the backs of your team.

Check out this amazing machine online now!

Why wait for the benefit? Invest in a portable wheel lifter today.

Check out our 5 reasons why you need a wheel lifter in our previous blog!

Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to order your electric wheel lifter now or for more info.
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