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Case Study: Durrant Garage Services

Here at Hofmann Megaplan, we are always quick to show off the incredible garage equipment installation work our experts carry out – especially those that could potentially rival our own showroom!

Over the past six months, Durrant Garage Services in Huntingdon have undergone a complete tyre fitting & vehicle lifting transformation, taking their garage services to a whole new level. With the installation of their latest piece of equipment finally completed, we can show you exactly what we have been up to.

Special thanks to Glynn England of Motor Parts Direct, who this installation was completed in conjunction with! 

Professional Equipment to take your garage Premium

We've installed 2 megalift 4500XL overhead gantry lifts, a megamount 613 Racing tyre changer with QuadraClamp turntable & a megaspin 420 wheel balancer with One Weight Balance operation.

This line up was completed last week with a Cascos 5T C455 lift, renowned for robust and efficient lifting.

Durrant Garage Services

The workshop is looking great and is a testament to both businesses!

Need equipment to take you to the next level?

Check out our range of Wheel Balancers, Tyre Changers & Vehicle Lifts online today.

Contact us now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to discuss how we can help!

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One Weight Balance (OWB)

​With every garage trying to find new ways to increase the productivity of their workshops, our automotive program developers have found a solution to improving the efficiency of our most popular wheel balancers.

The One Weight Balance is a revolutionary new piece of software designed to increase speed and productivity in balancing, by allowing tyre fitters to use just a single solitary weight. In 2018, Hofmann Megaplan displayed this technology for the first time at Automechanika Frankfurt; however if you missed the chance to see it action, we explain the benefits in our OWB system blog.

​OWB Wheel Balancers

By applying the OWB software to our existing wheel balancer models, we have updated and upgraded the technology available to you. The OWB range currently includes:

More models are constantly being upgraded and added to the range so call now for the latest or browse our wheel balancers pages.

OWB means these balancing machines are simple, fast to use and with the introduction of OWB remain precise with balancing values. 

​Want to find out more about One Weight Balance technology? Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 891011 to speak to one of our dedicated team for more information.

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OWB Wheel Balancer Launched at AutoMechanika 2018

With over 500 exhibitors at this years Automechanika event coming from over 26 countries and thousands of buying professionals attending the first day alone, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd but Hofmann Megaplan had an exciting new exclusive launch on their stand.

OWB (one weight balance) is a new balancing software program that will now be featuring on our ms420, ms820, ms1200 and ms2000 range and has had its first outing at Automechanika 2018.

You can find Hofmann Megaplan in the all-new dedicated hall for garages known as the "Garage Quarter" on stand M117.

The OWB wheel balancing program allows you to balance the wheel, whether steel or alloy, with just a single weight.

"This is a static balance" I hear you say. It is easy to think this without knowing how the OWB works and how it can make for a more precise balance.

The difference between OWB & Static Balance


Once the OWB process is complete the unbalance value will show zero. Once a static balance is done it will still show a rest unbalance valve. It is this difference that the experts from Hofmann Megaplan have been explaining to delegates over the course of Automechanika 2018. 

Different unbalances resolved by OWB 


Vibrations produced by a wheel are caused by two kinds of unbalances, the STATIC unbalance and the COUPLE unbalance.

The combination of these two unbalances results in a DYNAMIC unbalance. This is the unbalance felt when driving.

Usually, the correction of the dynamic unbalance is done by positioning two counterweights, one for each plane. This operation results in a perfect balancing, but it needs TWO positioning JOBS. OWB can eliminate the need for these to separate jobs.

OWB works by pinpointing the exact place the vibration is originating from and gives you the option to put a single weight on that position. The system then automatically suggests a single ideal correction plane, indicating the exact point inside the rim where it is possible to balance the wheel. This will minimize both static and dynamic unbalance using ONLY ONE COUNTERWEIGHT.

Not at Automechanika 2018?

If you missed the chance to see the exclusive first outing of the OWB Wheel balancing system software at Automechanika 2018 don't fear. Our fully working showroom is open by appointment for you to visit and see all of our garage equipment including the full range of wheel balancers.

You can call us now on 01480 89 10 11 or request a callback. Our team will be happy to talk to you more about the OWB system and arrange a visit.

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