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Three-Reasons to Invest In a Scissor Lift For Your Workshop

Although most workshops have two or four-post lifts nowadays (or a combination of the two), these tried-and-tested designs aren’t the only options on the market. Scissor lifts have been around for a long time, but in recent years they’ve become increasingly popular. Ideally suited to bodywork specialists - including those in the dent removal or detailing trades - scissor lifts have an awful lot to offer. And, depending on the kind of work you do, they may be more suitable than a two or four-post lift.

In this quick guide, we’re going to look at three key reasons for the popularity of scissor lifts - and why you should consider investing in one this year.

They’re versatile
Their simple design makes scissor lifts useful for a wide variety of jobs - and there are tonnes of specialised models out there suitable for all kinds of different uses. From removing and reinstalling EV batteries and gearboxes to working on motorcycles and even lifting wheels, scissor lifts are extremely versatile.This versatility makes them worthy of consideration no matter which vehicles you work on. Some are even mobile!

They save space
Scissor lifts are much less bulky than traditional two or four-post lifts, which is an added bonus for more compact workshops. Even if your unit is large, the space savings offered by a scissor lift can be invaluable, allowing you to fit in more vehicles or equipment.

They’re easy to use
Scissor lifts are extremely straightforward to operate. Unlike two-post lifts, which require you to move each arm to match up to the vehicle’s jacking points to avoid causing damage, scissor lifts distribute the load more evenly. Simply drive the vehicle into position and up you go - no further fiddling required.

View our range of scissor lifts today
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