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We Have Moved!!!

I am pleased to say that we have finally moved into our new premises, a stunning building on the same estate as we currently reside.

'The Granary' is a converted grain barn that lends itself perfectly to our business, with a vast, open plan ground floor given over to hospitality and demonstration facilities, overlooked by purpose built, gallery style offices. We are still going through a bit of pain getting to grips with our (way too advanced for me) telephone & computer system, but thats more to do with us just not knowing how to drive them yet! There is no doubt about it that this new facility makes for a fantastic working environment, and will prove far more accomodating for both our staff and customers alike.

Meanwhile, work has started on our new warehouse, which will increase our storage capacity to an impressive 12,000 square feet as well as provide us with a new warehouse office - as Stuart looks to fully computerise our PDI & Assembly activities (this is proper 21st century stuff now folks!!).   I have attached some pics of our new offices, still a bit messy as the lads finish off all the last minute jobs, and I'll upload some of the new warehouse and extended courtyard when its finished.

All this is quite timely as we look to counter one ever-obsessed competitor and their latest slur campaign, telling anybody who cares to listen that they shouldn't buy from us because we 'work out of a tin shed on a farm'. We've had, and continue to have, some really spiteful propoganda put out about us in the past by a few individuals in particular, but this one really is the most futile. I suppose you could call most steel structure warehouse units such as those used for our warehousing, unnattractive as they are, 'tin sheds', but you'd be insulting half your customer base if you do that.  And if you want to refer to an industrial facility that co-resides with a working farm then, once again, I've got loads of damn good, professional businesses as customers who do the same. Am I embarrased to work out of a beautiful barn conversion and operate an industry leading warehousing and PDI facility in a rural location? Actually no I'm not, I love it. And the killer fact is - we own it - that's something I'm particularly proud of and there will be a few who wish they were in the same position. From memory, the competitor in question only rents; nothing wrong with that of course, but as the saying goes, people in glass houses...:)

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