megamount 603E (Europe)

Just £3,295
Available as a lever-less version for £3,995
Take advantage of excess stock that was set for Europe!

Pick up the megamount 603E!

Excess stock to ensure we can meet European demand is working in your favour today! 

In this case, we have megamount 603E Standard lever edition that was bound for Europe. It is ready to be picked up at a bargain price in the UK & even has the option to add a Lever-less arm!

For just £3,295+VAT (that's £700 less than these machines can sell for brand new) you could upgrade your garage with this premium quality, high-performance tyre changer.

For just £3,995 + VAT you could go Lever-less & save even more!

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Ultimate Tyre Fitting Equipment

With 12” to 26” clamping and 24” external, the megamount 603E comes with Hofmann Megaplan's unique patented bead breaker with Run-Flat and standard settings.

The ‘megafit 2 XL’ assist arm continues this theme of being Run-Flat ready, while its industrial design & a tapered column mean max strength beyond that of many market-leading tyre fitting machines.Integrated tool/valve storage and built-in air gauge complete the lineup, making this an incredible machine at an even more incredible price.

Take advantage of our bad luck & get this cancelled order at a steal. First come, first served, so don't hang about.

megamount 603E [Europe]

Just £3295!*
Excess stock set for Europe! Available as a lever-less version for £3995*

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