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Here at Hofmann Megaplan we don't just supply all the bulky and highly technical garage equipment, we have in stock add-on equipment accessories that can help make that extra difference in your daily garage operations.

These products provide a statement of effciency applied to the famous 'H' logo and innovative mentality; combined together to make use of small spaces and work in tandom with tyre fitting products. Check out our range below or contact one of our experts on 01480 891011 to identify your needs to accessorise.

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Versatile clamp

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Compact, simple handspin balancer

OEM Kits

Bespoke adaptors proven to provide the best results


Covering 32 vehicle manufacturer approvals

O-Pro Portable Sanitisation System

For the Sanitization and Elimination of Viruses, Bacteria, Mould and Other Organic Substances

What is the O-Pro?

The ‘O-Pro’ from Hofmann Megaplan is a portable unit which generates Ozone (O3).

O3 is a proven method for eliminating the presence of pathogens such as viruses like SARS and MERS, and anaerobic (the stuff that can survive even without oxygen) bacteria. O3 kills the organism as opposed to simply ‘covering’ it, so whilst it is important to maintain additional preventative cleaning methods such as chemicals, the O-Pro will deliver a completely different, arguably more secure and less labour intensive approach to safe working practice.

Give your customers and staff complete peace of mind that a vehicle is now a safe working environment.