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Air Conditioning Service Equipment - Automotive AC Tools

In recent times, air conditioning has become very much the norm in vehicles. It is no longer a high spec feature, with over 70% of manufactured vehicles now produced with air conditioning or climate control as standard. As such, the demand for car aircon recharge equipment has increased. People want to keep the cool air flowing throughout the year.

Why we Need Air Conditioning Servicing Tools and Equipment

Over time vehicle air conditioning systems will naturally lose refrigerant gas. This is more so the case where the air conditioning system is not used regularly. Infrequent use will mean the AC system in a car must work harder to produce the dry air. The downside for vehicle owner here is the damage that can be caused to their engine. Fuel efficiency will also be adversely impacted and all of this means more cost to your customer.

With manufacturers recommending that the average vehicle air con system is serviced at least every two years is this really a service you can afford not to offer?

megacool 202

megacool 202

megacool 222YF

megacool 222YF

Ermes air conditioning unit

megacool ErmesYF

Trust Hofmann Megaplan for Quality Vehicle Air Conditioning Recharge Machines UK

Hofmann Megaplan offers a range of air conditioning service tools that carry out essential checks for the safe running of AC systems. These include basic vacuum checks and complete cleaning of and recharging for vehicle AC systems. All Hofmann Megaplan air conditioning system are made in Italy. This means you are receiving the finest system that money can buy.

With a variety of features across the range, you are sure to find the right Air con system for your garage. Hofmann Megaplan is one of a very select group of companies that can supply an air conditioning servicing machine that will work with both the older R134a refrigerant system and the newer R1234yf refrigerant standard (obligatory for newly homologated vehicles in Europe).

Hofmann Megaplan is proud to offer such a great range of car aircon service machines, with systems to suit all garages and workshops. Whether you are exploring the option of offering air conditioning servicing for the first time or upgrading/ replacing a current air con recharge system, please do not hesitate to contact the Hofmann Megaplan expert team who are always happy to help.

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