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Hofmann megaplan

ecocool A/C System

Fully Automatic Vehicle Air Con Recovery Unit - £1595 + VAT

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As if this machine wasn't budget enough, you can now take advantage of our sale by bagging one of these incredibly priced, premium quality Italian manufactured AC servicing units!

We are offering you the chance to purchase one of these machines just in time for the heat of Summer for an unbeatable price.

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The perfect opportunity to get into AC Recovery Systems

The ecocool can offer full recovery, vacuum and refill in around 40 minutes, making it one of the most user-friendly and operator efficient A/C recovery machines available. Once set up this machine can be left to carry out its cycle and freeing up your labour.

The ecocool has both automatic and manual programs as well as a large built-in graphical display. Simple to use and with intuitive navigation controls, the build in-vehicle database quickly allows the user to select the make and model being worked on and will set the weight of refrigerant and automated oil injection procedures.

This highly portable system includes a heating belt for a faster and more efficient recharge while the built-in thermal printer will produce a full report of any completed cycles. 

ecocool Specs

Automatic oil injection   Yes
Compressor   10cc
Heating Belt   YES
Vacuum Pump   62 l/min High Efficiency
Ultimate Vacuum   0.2mb / 20 P / 0 bar
Automatic Air Purge   YES
Vehicle Database   YES
Tank Capacity   10kg
Scale Accuracy   +/- 5 grams
Power Supply   220v / 13 amp
Weight   50 Kg
Dimensions   38" x 20" x 20"