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Hofmann megaplan

megacool 222YF A/C System

Fully Automatic Service Station for R1234yf A/C systems

The megacool 222 Air Conditioning Service Unit is designed for use with the new gas refrigerant R1234yf. This gas can be found in all post 2017 new model vehicles.

Vehicle AC System for New and Old Gas

hybrid readyyou are mainly dealing with new model vehicles, then this is the A/C machine for you. It can used on standard vehicles, as well as electric / hybrid vehicles but, you will need the optional flushing kit to flush the system completely after dealing with a standard vehicle and before returning to servicing electric or hybrid vehicles. This air condition service system is for the future and the past. The unit boasts fully automatic and manual functions. This enables you to choose between step by step or “fit and forget” and let the unit do the whole process of gas recovery, vacuum and recharge on its own. The megacool 222 system is single phase and will run off a standard 13-amp socket. It has a built in database for compatibility and printer for reporting as well as the ability to complete data transfer. This makes this it the perfect air conditioning recharge systems to integrated into your workshop. The system is also ready for internal Refrigerant Identifier (SAE j 2843).

Are you F Gas certified?

We offer onsite training to get your team up to scratch on handling refrigerant gases. Talk to us for more details. Call 01213 516 329 today.

megacool 222 Specs

Refrigerant   R1234yf   Compressor   10cc
Working Cycle   Fully Automatic / Manual   Vacuum Pump   100l/min
Heater Belt   Yes   Ultimate Vacuum   0.2 Mbar / 20pa
Air Purge   Automatic   PC Data Transfer   Yes
Database   Yes   Tank Capacity   18kg
Display   240 x 64 Graphic LCD   Scale accuracy   +/- 5g
Printer   Yes   Automatic Oil Injection   Yes
Nitrogen Leak Check   Optional   Automatic Dye injection   Yes
Flushing Kit   Optional   Hybrid / electric vehicles   Yes
Diagnostic Kit   Optional   Power Supply   220v
Unit Cover   Optional   Dimensions   58cm x 55cm x 110cm
Refrigerant Identifier Kit   Optional   Weight   60/70kg