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C5.5 Two Post Lift

The 'beast' of our two post lift range!
C5.5 Two Post Lift C5.5 Two Post Lift

This lift is a real ‘beast’. Used and approved by Mercedes-Benz in in their very own production facilities, it is designed for use with light and medium commercial vehicle specialists.

The traditional build quality synonymous  with Cascos provides peace of mind that this is designed for the long term use of this nature, free from concern of structural issues so typical of lifts that are simply under-engineered for continual, heavy duty work.

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The C5.5 main features:

Slendertec Lifting Columns
Our ‘SlenderTec’ columns are made from rolled, solid steel profiles as opposed to folded sheets of steel as used on our competitors’ lifts. This not only provides up to 60% more strength, but also allows us to have a slimmer column, meaning maximum width between the columns whilst maintain a minimum overall footprint of the lift. On first glance, customers often remark that a Cascos looks ‘skinny’. They’d be right, but this has nothing to do with lack of strength or build quality, completely the opposite in fact. It is a more expensive  method of production, but far more practical and, in plain engineering terms, far more logical than the cheaper option of folded steel sheet.

Bi-directional Loading of Vehicle
The SlenderTec columns enable Cascos lifts to feature symmetric lifting arms as opposed to asymmetric (where the vehicle is offset to allow door opening access, with a Cascos lift this access isn’t a problem). This means that you can drive on or reverse on, it makes no difference.


  • Tool Trays
  • Rubber protections on columns for safe door opening
  • Arm safety locks, via spindle rod, offer more positioning possibilities under the vehicle
  • Spindle protection to avoid the operator getting dirty when touching the post.

A baseless version, known as the SYNCHRO model is also available, which uses our unique PLC system. This system is far more reliable than cable or PCB synchronisation methods, and allows our lift to either be used with an adjustable overhead gantry or under the floor for complete freedom of floor or overhead obstructions.


C5.5 Two Post Lift Dimensions