Air compressor from Hofmann Megaplan


At Hofmann Megaplan we offer a full range of compressors, from small portable units to high performance silent units – we can even install all of the necessary pipework and provide a complete compressed air solution.

It is true to say that you can buy cheap compressors online or in hardware stores, but we know from experience that by paying that little bit extra, the quality and life expectancy that you gain will outweigh any additional initial expenditure time and time again. The compressor is, in many respects, the heartbeat of a workshop, and when that heart stops beating, the resulting chaos and downtime will completely answer any questions you may have had about investing in quality!

We also have a team of engineers Nationwide supporting our product, whether that is regular servicing and maintenance or emergency breakdown situations.

To ensure you get the right compressor and air supply for your needs, we prefer to discuss customers' circumstances in the first instance and then advise accordingly, leaving you safe in the knowledge you have the right product for the job!