megaspin 22 Bike Wheel Balancer from Hofmann Megaplan

megamount 201 Bike

The megamount 201 bike is a dedicated motorcycle, scooter & ATV tyre changer.

With special protection for the clamps, demount tool and bead breaker blade, the 201 bike is designed to eliminate metal to metal contact, making it ideal for expensive painted or carbon fibre rims.

The pressure of the clamping can be adjusted for those operators working with delicate rims, particularly those of a classic spoke design, and the machine can be fitted with a robotic 'assist' arm to make light work of difficult tyres. Clamping range is from 6" to 24".

This semi-automatic swing-arm motorcycle tyre changer features a robust vertical tower, 3 control pedals and an operating arm with manual lowering and hand-locking. The demount head is cleverly designed to universally cater for the wide range of ‘bike rims, having a curved design which means it is suitable for everything from small diameter scooter rims, through to large diameter rims such as motorcross.

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megamount 201 Bike

Dedicated motorcycle, scooter & ATV tyre changer

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