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Nitrogen Inflation

Nitrogen Inflation

There is no doubt about it, Nitrogen inflation is becoming more common as customers demand the service and anybody dealing in tyres will need to consider meeting the demand. In addition, certain new vehicles are coming out of the factory with nitrogen in the tyres as standard, setting the tone for nitrogen filling to become the ‘norm’ in the future.


The NG50 is a semi-automatic unit, which will purge the tyre of residual 'air', and then provide re-inflation with nitrogen. The inflation requires the operator to control the inflator, using a dial pressure guide as a reference, just like you would with a standard air-gun.


The fully-automatic NG90 provides even faster, simpler operation. Simply connect the hose up to the valve and set the required pressure, and then walk away and get on with another job. The NG90 will automatically purge the tyre and the switch to refill with nitrogen to the pressure selected.

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Why use Nitrogen?

There are 2 aspects here; the benefit of nitrogen to the consumer, and the benefit of nitrogen to the garage or tyre shop owner catering for the consumer. As we are an equipment supplier to the trade, we are going to assume that the person reading this is a business considering offering Nitrogen as a service, and our explanation is therefore tailored accordingly. However, the two go hand in hand and we will also, as part of this explanation, reveal the benefits to the consumer. The beauty of this increasingly popular service to vehicle drivers is that it really is a win/win situation for everybody!

So let’s start with some FACTS….

Firstly, nitrogen works. Don’t let anybody try and say that they are cynical about its benefits. On my first car with pressure sensors I found that as soon as the temperature fell below freezing, my sensors advised me of my pressure being low. Invariably, by midday (when it had warmed up), the warning sign disappeared. Once I’d replaced standard air with N2, I never had that again. Additionally, at Hofmann Megaplan, we have reduced our fuel costs and tyre-life considerably since moving the whole fleet over to Nitrogen. We are a perfect case scenario for the economic value of using Nitrogen instead of standard ‘air’.

If you buy a product like the NG90, which is fully automatic, you can connect to the valve, set your pressure, and walk away and do something else. The machine will automatically ‘purge’ the tyre of residual air and replace it with N2 to the psi/bar you set it at.

There is literally no cost of ownership, except the power supply. So every penny that is charged to the consumer is clear profit.

You, as a business owner (or whoever in your business is customer facing), only need to ask every customer “would you like standard air in your tyres or Nitrogen?” The customer will look blank, and you simply inform them that “in a nutshell N2 doesn’t leak through the rubber like oxygen does, therefore you will never lose pressure, so you won’t have to keep checking before long journeys. In addition, you will always be ensuring maximum fuel efficiency as under-inflated tyres will increase fuel consumption, and of course wear your tyres prematurely. So for an extra £X now you can ensure better economy, longer tyre-life and a nicer drive”. Most customers will say yes because either a) they appreciate it is good value b) they have just spent £100 on a tyre so why wouldn’t you pay another couple of quid for all that or c) they don’t want to appear a miser.

The costs for an N2 inflation ranges from £1.50 (most High Street ‘chains’) to £20 (Aston Martin dealer). The take up rate is phenomenal in reality, so you only have to look at how many cars are passing through the workshop (not just how many tyres you are fitting) to get an idea what you could make.

If you choose not to offer it, someone else will. If the chains are taking it up then demand will only increase and it will become a ‘me too’ facility. There is no point in waiting until you are literally losing out.

There are loads of facts and statistics on the internet regarding how many vehicles are driving around under-inflated, how much life can be gained from a tyre etc, all of which supports the concept. With all this information, selling Nitrogen to the vehicle owner is really easy.

The key to selling the service to your customers is about keeping it simple, and listed below are the 5 main reasons that your customers should be paying a little extra to run on nitrogen:

1.    They can forget about checking their tyre pressures
2.    They will get the cost of the N2 back time and time again by extending the life of their tyres
3.    They will get better fuel economy because the vehicle is running on correct pressures
4.    They will enjoy a much nicer drive
5.    They can feel like they are doing their bit for the environment
6.    They will be safer

The animations demonstrate how the nitrogen molecule is larger and cannot permeate the rubber of the tyre, ensuring everything stays inside just as it should!

tyre animationNitrogen and The (Bad) Press!
Anybody who watches the TV will probably, at some point, have come across the scandal which tarnished Nitrogen inflation. Make no mistake, this is no reflection on the service itself or its effectiveness, this was simply about people charging for the service and subsequently not doing it. It’s no different to any other expose we’ve seen before in the automotive industry. Sadly it did have a negative impact on the acceptance and recognition of using nitrogen, but it won’t stop it’s popularity, it only slowed it down for a short period.