megamount 613 Racing tyre changer from Hofmann Megaplan

megamount 613 Racing

Extra heavy-duty and super-automatic. This is the new 'norm'.

The last 10 years has seen the specification of what is considered a ‘standard’ tyre changer raised enormously, driven by the design and cost of the alloy rims and low profile tyres.

What was once considered luxury, is now undoubtedly essential, and nothing typifies this more than the ubiquitous megamount 613.

Featuring our flagship ‘tapered’ turret for extra rigidity, the megamount 613 is the ideal choice for tyre professionals, alloy wheel specialist and prestigious main dealers. WDK Approval ensures its accreditation amongst the most notable tyre and vehicle manufacturers, and its ergonomic design sees the turntable lowered to make handling wide rims easier, and the bead breaker pedal relocated to a more convenient position for the operator.

Can also be supplied in leverless ‘Evolution’ version

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megamount 613 Racing

Extra heavy-duty, super-automatic tyre changer

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