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SpeedLine System

The SpeedLine System comprises a range of products designed to massively cut down the time spent fitting and removing tyres in high volume tyre shops and increase productivity for those assembling high numbers of rim and tyre assemblies.

SpeedLine Tyre Changing and Balancing Hofmann Megaplan

In its entirety, the SpeedLine system provides a ‘production-line’ facility, consisting of a fast, safe system for changing tyres and balancing wheels, including wheel lifters, roller tables, safe inflation systems etc. However, the beauty of SpeedLine is that you can take key components to suit your exact needs. For example, if you are particularly exposed to health and safety measures, then utilising the wheel lifters and safety inflation station are ideal. Likewise, if you are simply incredibly busy then the bead breaker table and inflation station make a huge amount of difference to turnaround times.

To find out which elements of SpeedLine are the best to meet your own requirements, we recommend a visit from one of our engineers to assess and determine based on your individual needs and space allowances.

Please visit www.ahcon.com to see further information on the full range of SpeedLine Equipment