megamount 852 Tyre Changer

megamount 852-2 Tyre Changer

Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Tyre Changer

The megamount 852-2 is an extremely heavy duty unit for handling the widest variety of CV and plant rims, from buses to earthmover.

Improvements over its predecessor, the 852, include a fully portable, wireless control unit, a larger machine base for greater stability, and a better engineered positioning of the hydraulic ram, inside the main arm of the machine, creating a more even load distribution and offering greater control.

This 3-phase machine is capable of changing tyres on rims from 14” (355mm) to an impressive 46” (1168mm) in standard configuration but the addition of extensions increase this to a huge 56” (1422mm). Tyres up to 103” (2600mm) in diameter and 59” (1500mm) wide are handled with ease. The industrial strength gearbox and clamping chuck allow the megamount 852 to operate in the harshest conditions, such as mining facilities and military field operations.

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megamount 852-2

The king of truck tyre changers

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