TreadSmart drive over tyre health check from Hofmann Megaplan

TreadSmart Tread Depth Tool

Automatic Drive-Over Tyre Tread Profiler 

The TreadSmart Drive-Over Tyre Profiler is the perfect partner to any garage or tyre shop selling tyres or wheel alignment. Simply drive the vehicle over to get instant readings and advisory information such as tread depth, adverse tyre wear, mis-alignment and under/over inflation issues – all of which results in additional tyre and alignment sales, as well as providing undisputed data and credibility with your customers. The software can be integrated into any compatible alignment machine to avoid duplication of PC systems and printer set ups.

Using stereo cameras and laser 'blade', the TreadSmart is designed to give an instant 'Health-Check' on customers tyres, with a supporting printout adding credibility and integrity to the diagnosis. The process is made super fast, simply driving over the platform (which can be recessed or surface mounted) will mean results are available by the time the driver gets out of the car. Operating from a simple single-phase supply, TreadSmart doesn't rely on air or internet supply, making it one of the most straight-forward revenue generating items of equipment you could ever install!

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Automatic Drive-Over Tyre Tread Profiler

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