Building on the qualities in the standard C3.2, the Cascos C3.2 Syncro 2 Post Lift can be found in workshops all across the UK.

Cascos C3.2 Syncro Two Post Lift

Go 'Syncro' with the classic two post car lift without a base

The C3.2 Syncro is what can only be described as the classic within the Baseless 2 Post Lift range, but without the recognised base at the bottom! That doesn’t mean to suggest it is old-fashioned, but it is certainly traditional in its build quality and is a statement of Cascos Lifts UK. They can be found in workshops everywhere, and they just keep going…and going…and going!

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Cascos C3.2 Syncro Two Post Lift

Go 'Syncro' with the classic Two Post Car Lift without a base

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