LUXUS HML55 Baseless Two Post Lift

LUXUS HML55 Baseless Two Post Lift

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5.5 ton lifting capacity.The Luxus range has raised the bar even further, representing our line of what we call ‘US Style’ models. Our US counterparts have been selling this range for many years, thus they are proven and highly regarded right across North America. Capitalising on this success, we have adapted them for the European market in order to present a class-leading range of lifts designed for those customers where, quite simply, only the best will do.

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Baseless Two Post Lifts

A baseless 2 post lift provides an arguably more practical and aesthetically pleasing installation. The merits of a completely clear floor needs no explanation, and a row of baseless 2 post lifts in a larger garages is one of the nicest photo opportunities we get as a supplier! 

Our height-adjustable gantries on our range of baseless 2 post lifts mean we can work within the confines of varying roof heights, and our ingenious factory technicians have provided us with the capability to adjust the width of the columns to suit different applications.

Baseless Two Post Lifts

Cascos C3.2 Syncro Two Post Lift

The Clear-Floor version of one of Europe's best selling lifts of all time

Cascos C4 Syncro Two Post Lift

The classic Cascos lift, with baseless design and increased capacity

Cascos C5.5 Syncro Two Post Lift

A genuine 'van' lift used by Mercedes-Benz in their own factory


4.0 ton capacity, baseless lift. Electric locking mechanism.


5.5 ton capacity, baseless lift. Electric locking mechanism.


6.5 ton capacity, baseless lift. Electric locking mechanism.

Let's talk about lifts!

Buying a lift can be a minefield! Single post, 2 post, 4 post, scissor, MOT / ATL, baseless, with base, for tyre work, especially for bodywork, it can become quite a specialist subject. Here at Hofmann Megaplan, we consider ourselves lift 'experts'. We have an incredible range, covering all budgets and applications. We also own several brands, including Atlas, Atlas Platinum, Hofmann Megaplan and Cascos. Whichever brand is right for you, one thing you can be assured of is honest advice and the same great support both before and after the sale. 

Proud to be the exclusive UK agent for Cascos Lifts

Hofmann Megaplan is the authorised distributor for Cascos Lifts - a name that has been trusted since 1965, and arguably the best quality lifts on the market. They're not cheap, but they are great value.

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