LUXUS SX32 Mid-rise Scissor Lift 

The LUXUS SX32 is a superbly flexible Mid-Rise Scissor Lift, suitable for in-ground (recess) or surface mounting and homologated and certified to European Directive EN1493:2010.

The lift can be stopped at any comfortable working height, making it ideal for fast-fit tyre operations, general bodywork and car detailing. It comprises two separate platforms, with drive-on/off ramps at either end. A telescopic extension at the front end and lockable drive-off ramps at the rear of the lift provide an extendable platform length of 1547mm to 2270mm. Photocells are located in the platforms to ensure perfect synchronization of the platforms.

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The concept behind all LUXUS products is to create a product focused on build quality first and foremost. Thickness of steel, quality of welds, and sourcing of premium quality key components from only the most reliable sources are the basic criteria for LUXUS. This focus on quality is backed up by a comprehensive 5 year warranty, which includes an annual inspection and service from a factory trained engineer.

Extendable platform for ultimate flexibility

The key feature of this lift is the extendable platform (1547mm–2270mm), which is significantly more flexible than you will find on other scissors of similar capacity. As with most scissors, the drive-on ramp will lock in a horizontal position but unlike other scissors, the other end of the platform slides in and out, allowing you to position the lifting pads perfectly under the chassis mounting points of a much wider variety of vehicles.

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LUXUS SX32 Mid Rise Scissor Lift

Ideal for fast-fit tyre operations, general bodywork and car detailing

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