TSX3000M Scissor Lift from Hofmann Megaplan

TSX3000M Scissor Lift

Mobile mid rise scissor lift

For those requiring more a flexible approach from their lifting equipment, the TSX3000M is a mobile 3 tonne mid rise scissor that can be wheeled in out of position as required.

This lift shares a number of the key features from the TSX3000 and TSX3200 in the Hofmann Megaplan range and is loaded with clever features and built to the highest specifications, making these lifts are a familiar sight in workshops throughout Europe. With only a height of 110mm when full closed, this lift is clearly suited to busy fast fits and tyre shop.

The platforms are compact, but can be extended if necessary and the feet are fully protected, to allow the liftto be moved around, without risks of causing accidental damage.

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TSX3000M Scissor Lift

Ideal for fast tyre replacement and quick under vehicle jobs!

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