megaline 88 Wheel Aligner from Hofmann Megaplan

megaline 88 Wheel Aligner

Fully computerised CCD wheel aligner

The megaline 88 is based on the same platform as the ecoline 58. This computerised wheel aligner includes some luxury additional features though, such as 3-point ‘GrabClamps’, heavy duty mechanical turnplates and advanced measuring heads making full 4 wheel alignment even easier and faster.

The ‘GrabClamps’ mean that the measuring head is mounted to the wheel using sprung-loaded ‘arms’ that grab the tyre, and 3 nylon locators on the rim, ensuring there is no metal to metal contact.

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Compatible with two post lifts

Traditionally, wheel alignment has needed a 4 Post or Scissor 'Platform' lift in order to work correctly. That is not the case anymore. Our ingenious 'Freeze' Program (which is built into the software) and specially designed 2PK (Two Post Kit) enables the operator to take all readings at ground level, and then 'freeze' the data. The vehicle can then be raised to a comfortable working height for any adjustments to be made, before lowering again to confirm the recommended settings are now in place. Not convinced? Well, we have literally hundreds of customers using this method without compromising accuracy or convenience, and our expert Alignment Technicians would be pleased to visit and demonstrate exactly how this works on your 2 post lift.

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megaline 88

Computerised 6 CCD Wheel Aligner with 3-Point Clamps
megaline 88 Wheel Aligner
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