Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

megaline Ssence ULTRA

New HD/3D aligner with integrated handheld tread depth tool
Tread Reader
megaline Ssence ULTRA megaline Ssence ULTRA

The ULTRA sets a totally new standard in wheel alignment.

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hand held scannerThe world's first alignment system with integrated 'pre-check' tool to sell your customers both alignment and tyres!

The new TreadReader technology comprises of a handheld tool which you simply scan over the tyre, and it provides an instant 3D rendering of the tyre on the megaTab handheld display.

An on-screen or printed report will give a simple Red, Amber, Green verdict along with any diagnosis such as misalignment, under/over inflation, low tread etc..

It's like buying an aligner, and getting a FREE SALESMAN!!!