Sphere 3D Wheel Aligner

Sphere 3D Wheel Aligner

In terms of what you get for the price you pay, we are absolutely convinced there is nothing on the market to touch the Sphere 3D

The traditional ‘Tower’ or ‘Crucifix’ 3D wheel alignment technology is now over 30 years old, and the Sphere system does away with all of the outdated elements of crucifix-style 3D such as the additional space required in front of the lift and ‘pushing and pulling’ of the vehicle.

The ‘Sphere 3D’ is also approved by a number of vehicle manufacturers, including the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and is of course equipped with a database provided by industry leader in vehicle data, Autodata, and is therefore suitable for every kind of vehicle regardless of make or models.

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Sphere 3D Wheel Aligner

Quite simply, the ultimate in wheel alignment technology

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