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Service - Wheel Aligners

Unlike many suppliers, we do not use the complex nature of wheel alignment systems as an opportunity to protect, and dramatically profit, from spare parts and service support. Instead we make the availability of information and spare parts accessible, and our customers can look to the relatively low cost of ownership as another good reason for choosing one of our ecoline or Ssence systems. Should you require any assistance or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact our office on 01480 891011.

Exploded Diagrams

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Axis Cartridge

Ecoline 58 Cabinet

Ecoline 88 B Sensor

Ecoline 88 Cabinet

Sensor A for E58

Sensor B for E58

Toe-in Cartridge


User Guides


Adding new vehicles to
Ssence 400 / 600 database

Adding new vehicles to
E58 / E88 database

Steering alignment issues
E58 / E88 Wheel Aligners