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F-Gas Training

IMI logoF-GAS Training course for 7543-001 'LEVEL 3' Refrigerant Handling Certificate

It is legal requirement across Europe that anyone who services and maintains air conditioning systems on motor vehicles needs to hold a recognised qualification known as the “F-Gas Handling Certificate”, thankfully at Hofmann Megaplan we can also offer F-Gas training at your business location.

The Hofmann Megaplan course delivers the IMI Automotive Refrigerant Handling Certificate (EC842-2006) and is aimed at automotive technicians with varying levels of ability, which requires an official qualification to comply with F gas regulations. The handling certificate provides the qualification necessary to satisfy EU legislation. Our assessors work with air conditioning every day and are actively involved with handling questions on legislation and servicing. They come with a vast number of years’ experience and are IMI approved.

Do I need anything before I can take the course?
The candidate must have previous experience with automotive air conditioning. For those requiring a higher more in depth qualification, please enquire using our contact page and we can put you in touch with an official learning centre.

What to expect from the course?
The course is made up of two parts; A development theory based session, followed by an online examination via the IMI website. A practical evaluation, to establish the skill set of the candidate to carry out automotive refrigerant work. The assessment takes approximately 4 hours and once complete provides an IMI EC842-2006 certificate in Safe Refrigerant Handling for mobile air conditioning systems. It is the main recognised qualification throughout the EU for automotive air conditioning applications and complies fully with the requirements of Regulations EC/842/2006 and EC/307/2008. It also enables all candidates to comply fully with the current F Gas regulations (throughout the European Union).

NB: If you are not qualified you should not perform the role or purchase / handle refrigerant legally.