Ssence 600UHD 3D Alignment (SOLD)

NOW ONLY £7,995!
Finance snatchback. Saving over £2000!

Sold within 2 hours! Don't miss out next time.

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One-off wheel alignment finance snatch back!

Pick up the Ssence 300UHD 3D Wheel aligner for an incredible £7,995 + VAT!*

• Installation + calibration included
• 2 years' parts & labour warranty as standard
• Installation from a dedicated alignment engineer
• The machine is in full working order and ready to make you money!

3D Wheel Alignment machine for sale

The alignment model was part of a finance snatch back and so was only installed for 3 months before we got it back. While this does mean some signs of use, we can promise you that is is in full working order & the only difference you'll notice is in your wallet. The machine comes fully installed for the price shown above by one of our expert alignment engineers. They'll also calibrate the machine and ensure you're happy with it. This is an exceptionally good offer but we only have one. 

The Ssence 300 3D wheel aligner in action

Brand new wheel alignment technology available to you at a discount!

This is an opportunity for your garage to offer new HD/3D wheel alignment technology at a fraction of the usual cost. The Ssence 3D aligner makes for a fast and simple alignment operation.

It is ideal for those wanting to offer the most advanced wheel alignment capability available on today's market but has previously been unable to afford it. The megaline Ssence software has been designed to make life easy for the operator with an intuitive interface. It will minimise unnecessary procedures, commonly found on similar systems and keep you focused on the job at hand.  With the ultra-advanced Ssence 600, its 32" display and automatic camera boom, you're guaranteed a product that will earn you thousands of pounds in valuable extra revenue.

Ssence 600UHD 3D Alignment

Now only £7,795*


Further reduction from £8750!

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