Hofmann Megaplan

Hofmann megaplan

Why Cascos?

We always talk about Cascos lifts being unique, and Cascos as a company being unique. Here you will find a few key points that we think are worth shouting about.

Cascos Lifts carry a 5 Year Warranty

It's true. All Cascos lifts carry an industry leading 5 year warranty. The only criteria is that you have the lift serviced by us once every year (which you should do with any lift anyhow). This gives you an idea of just how confident we are of the reliability of our lifts!

Lifting capacities published by lift suppliers/manufacturers can be deceiving


Just because a lift states on the brochure that it has a lifting capacity of, say, 4 tonnes, it doesn’t mean it will lift that weight in all situations. For example, it may be capable of lifting ‘up to’ 4 tonnes when the arms are in the optimum position for maximum lifting capacity. Yet when the arms are extended both outwards and sideways this maximum payload can reduce dramatically.
This doesn’t just apply to non-EU manufactured lifts either, it is a choice whether, as a manufacturer you choose to use this slightly deceiving marketing ploy to your advantage, or whether you choose to ensure your lift can lift the published maximum payload in any situation, regardless of pick-up points.

Cascos choose to adhere to Directive UNE1493/2011, which means that if you buy a Cascos lift that states it will lift 3.5 tonnes, then you can be sure that it will lift 3.5 tonnes however you position the arms. Always look for clarification of this in the user manual; if it doesn’t state that it meets that directive, then your lift isn’t quite the lift you thought it was!

Most lifts use the cog-style locking mechanism for locking the arms into position


This means that you can only have the arms in pre-determined positions, and this can in turn vary dependent on the number of teeth the manufacturer uses.
At Cascos we use a completely different system of lock, which provides an infinite level of positioning. This arm lock is often sold as un upgrade in the aftermarket once the teeth have broken off, but with Cascos you can be assured of the best locking system available, as standard.

Just because a lift bears the CE logo, it doesn’t necessarily mean it meets the required legislation

CE logo

Lifts imported from outside the EU can be ‘self-certified’, which means you can put the CE sticker on anything, and the importer takes the responsibility. There are no ‘CE’ police as such and so the risk in quality is unquantifiable and unchallenged. You are effectively gambling with something that could potentially be carrying a couple of tons above your head (or that of your employees).   
European lift manufacturers have to manufacturer to these stringent standards; they simply have no choice.

Cascos 2 Post lifts use our unique ‘Slendertec’ Columns

The principle of SlenderTec is to provide the widest useable space between the posts on our Two Post Lifts, yet keep the lowest possible overall width and therefore footprint of the lift. We achieve this by using solid rolled profiles of steel, rather than folded sheets of steel used by other manufacturers. These profiles are sourced from Germany and provide the most rigid, durable column in the industry, but they simply don’t need to be that bulky. It is one of the ‘old fashioned’ features that we decided to keep, as we never felt that manufacturing columns from folded sheets of steel was ever progress, just a means of reducing costs.