X-Boss Tyre Changer from Hofmann Megaplan

X-Boss Tyre Changer (Ex-Showroom)

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With safety at the heart of the X-Boss' operation, this machine can handle any passenger car tyre with minimal effort and zero risk to the rim or tyre. The completely automated process makes human error a thing of the past.

The X-Boss is able to achieve this by utilising the intelligent new dead man system, which operates throughout the machine's cycle. This feature ensures that only the correct function can be carried out during each stage of the process and therefore eliminates the risk of damage to tyres from the human error that may be seen in regular fittings or removals. By making all other functions except for the one you are completing inactive, you ensure absolute 'fool-proof' operation.

Using twin lasers to determine the exact 3D mass of the rim, the X-Boss sets up all of the tools automatically, removing any opportunity for error or responsibility from the operator. In fact, we always say, the best person to train on an X-Boss, is the person who has never changed tyres before!

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X-Boss Tyre Changer

Now only £12,995

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