Battery Lifting

Safe access and removal of the vehicle battery is the obvious lifting conundrum being presented with the introduction of EVs. A number of solutions have appeared on the market in recent months, and at Hofmann Megaplan we have introduced two different styles of battery table lift.

Both using electro-hydraulic operation, one version with a single-plane automatic titling table uses twin hydraulic cylinders to provide 1000kg lifting capacity. Our flagship version uses a single, more powerful hydraulic system to lift up to 1500kg and incorporates a twin-plane automatically tilting table top for the ultimate flexibility when positioning and fixing a heavy component under a vehicle. Of course, these versatile lifts are not restricted to use with EV batteries, they also provide an ideal solution for other workshop lifting challenges, engines and gearboxes for example.

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Hofmann Megaplan BL1000 battery lifter


Hofmann Megaplan BL1500 battery lift

EV Vehicle Lifting

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