Discover the brand-new Hofmann Megaplan Wallbox charging unit - the perfect EV charging point to develop your EV services.

EV Charging

Manufactured by recognised leaders in charging technology, Wallbox, the Hofmann Megaplan EVC7 and EVC22 Electric Vehicle Charging units have been specifically designed for the garage owner looking to provide a facility for both internal and customer (or what we call 'semi-public') use.

Boasting a universal socket, these units can cater for both Type 1 and 2 vehicle connectors, and the smart myWallbox management platform means that operation and users can be monitored over multiple installations. Available on multiple devices via the myWallbox app, you can then view statistics, control operation remotely, and even schedule charging to specific times when rates are at their cheapest.

Available in 2 versions, the EVC7 can run from a conventional single phase supply and will provide up to 7.4kw of power, whilst the heavier duty, 3 phase EVC22 can deliver a huge 22kw of power for super-fast charging.

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Why the Hofmann Megaplan Wallbox?

The charger business is set to explode, and trying to determine what unit is right for you can be a minefield. We have effectively done the work for you, partnering with a reputable, proven and established manufacturer, creating a specification that is perfect for the garage owner. A combination of operational simplicity and 'what you need' specification means that you can rely on a product that is not only suitable, but also competitively-priced and aesthetically pleasing.

Installation is simple, but will require a qualified electrician. You can either arrange for your own, local electrician to carry out the installation - who we can support in terms of any product information or installation advice - or we can arrange installation via our own in-house electrical team who are fully qualified and experienced in EV charger installations and can cover the whole country.

Due to the Wallbox's compact and slick design, the installation of this EV charging unit is simple and looks great in any garage setup.The Wallbox allows you analyse and report through an online charging portal, showing the performance of all EV charging activities and improving your overall EV services.

Important - Government Workplace Grant

The Hofmann Megaplan EV Charger is fully OZEV-approved, which means they qualify for the £350 installation grant (most electricians will be familiar with this scheme, which is very simple), available up to 40 installations/chargers.

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