Electric Vehicle Lifting

Electric Vehicle Lifting

With batteries weighing anything between 500kg and 1200k, you can expect the average EV to weight around 10% to 15% more overall than its fossil fuel predecessors. This statistic alone will have quite an impact on lifting equipment, and weight distribution is every bit as important as weight capacity, meaning that the overall quality and design complexity of lifts will put pressure on low-cost lifts manufactured in the Far East.

As exclusive distributors of Cascos Lifts, a Spanish manufacturer who has been at the forefront of lift evolution since 1965, we already have a range of lifts which have been designed with the weight distribution aspect taken into account. Cascos’ lifting arm design, locking mechanism and sheer extent of engineering supremacy means that vehicles can be approached from either direction and, consequently, mounted in either direction on the lift.

Additionally, Spring 2021 will see us introduce a new method of lifting the vehicle on a 2 Post Lift, mounting from underneath the wheels as opposed to pick-up points under the vehicle. Not only does this provide a much more stable lifting scenario, it also leaves the underside free for battery access and removal. Developed in conjunction with EV manufacturers, we expect this new design of Cascos lift to see quite a demand.

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EV Vehicle Lifting

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