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megamount Smart X

The Ultimate Tyre Fitting & Removal Technology
BMW Approved

BMW approvedHofmann Megaplan is pleased to introduce what is now considered to be the ultimate offering in the tyre removals and fittings arena, the BMW approved Smart X.

With safety at the heart of the Smart X’s operation, this machine can handle any passenger car tyre with minimal effort and zero risk to the rim or tyre. The completely automated process makes human error a thing of the past.

Simplicity through Technology

The Smart X is able to achieve this sleek operating process by utilising not only the latest in tyre fitting technology but by employing cutting-edge engineering techniques and tools.

This includes the intelligent new dead man system, which operates throughout the machine's cycle. This feature ensures that only one function can be carried out at a time and therefore eliminates the risk of damage to tyres from the human error that may be seen in regular fittings or removals. By making all other functions except for the one you are completing inactive, you ensure the user remains in full control. The Smart X determines the exact 3D mass of the rim via twin lasers, which take the exact diameter and width, ensuring any need for manual set up or chances of damage are completely removed.

BMW Approval

We are also pleased to share with you the Smart X’s worldwide BMW approval status, a true testament to this machine's capabilities. BMW wheels are renowned for the shallow well of their rims and run flat tyre combinations but the technology in the Smart X handles these with ease, making it the first choice machine for dealerships.

The Smart X offers an unrivalled level of simplicity, intelligence and mistake avoiding safety that has not yet been seen in the industry. Visit our showroom today where a fully operational model is installed and ready for demonstration.