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LOGIK 6 Premium Wheel Aligner

3 Point FastClamps, ANPR and an all-new design make this one of our most user-friendly, compact aligners to date.
Logik 6

Compatible with Two Post Lifts

Logik 6 represents the latest and greatest in CCD alignment technology with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) as standard.

Speed and simplicity in a 6 CCD system. Fully computerised wheel alignment, luxury features

The premium addition of vehicle registration search for ease of use and recording on alignment jobs is a feature often sold as an additional extra, which can increase efficiencies instantly in your garage. Hofmann Megaplan is pleased to offer it as standard with the Logik 6.


Design for day-to-day

3 point FastClamps make for fast & accurate setup of the 6-CCD sensors. This also means the Logik 6 is extremely compact and so suited to work without issue on the smallest of lifts.

alignment tablesWhat's more, with the use of alignment tables you can also use this alignment machine with a two-post lift. Our expert engineers will ensure you are all set up & understand how to do so during install, if this is your set up! Alignment tables are available separately.

Freedom to align

Build with flexibility & versatility in mind, the Logik 6 offers completely wireless communication between the measuring heads and control unit. Said control unit is also easily relocated to adapt with your garage using the inbuild casters. You get maximum mobility between different working positions thanks to the absence of cables and any fixed structure.

What's more

The list of standard features continues with the Logik 6. The steering procedure is carried out electronically, through the CCD sensors, meaning the caster and kingpin are measured with greater precision.

The Spoiler Program is automatically activated to perform the measurements on sport and tuned car bodies through a simplified procedure, another efficient extra.

Familiar, but better

The inbuild Data management and display program running in a familiar WINDOWS environment with a top-spec PC and printer included meaning you'll feel at home using the Logik 6 from the first alignment. 

the intuitive software also enables you to store up to 20,000 jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number for quick reference. 

A database with over 20,000 vehicles is available to update meaning your alignment system remains up to date & you're not turning customers away.



Now available to purchase with integrated pre-check tool Find Out More


MHP02265 websizeADAS Ready Wheel Alignment

ADAS diagnostics and calibrations are now unavoidable. If your garage isn't already equipped with ADAS Diagnostics Systems, the Logik 6 represents a step in the right direction. It is fully compatible and ready to work with ADAS Systems supplied by Hofmann Megaplan. Find out more about ADAS calibration equipment online today. 


Compatible with 2 Post Lifts!

Compatible with Two Post Lifts

Traditionally, wheel alignment has needed a 4 Post or Scissor 'Platform' lift in order to work correctly.

That is not the case anymore. Our ingenious 'Freeze' Program (which is built into the software) and specially designed 2PK (Two Post Kit) enables the operator to take all readings at ground level, and then 'freeze' the data. The vehicle can then be raised to a comfortable working height for any adjustments to be made, before lowering again to confirm the recommended settings are now in place.

Not convinced? Well, we have literally hundreds of customers using this method without compromising accuracy or convenience, and our expert Alignment Technicians would be pleased to visit and demonstrate exactly how this works on your 2 post lift.

Call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to book a visit!