megaline Ssence 600 3D/HD Wheel Aligner from Hofmann Megaplan

megaline Ssence 600 3D/HD Wheel Aligner

'Target and Camera' 3D Imaging System

For those customers who can afford the additional room required for a Tower-type 3D system, and appreciate the simplicity and measurable cost of ownership factor, the Ssence 600 is the perfect choice. The positioning of the camera boom, or 'cross-bar', means that the Ssence 600 can house an impressive extra-large monitor for increased merchandising appeal and better functionality for the user.

Having all of the technology limited to the main unit, and expensive traditional camera 'heads' replaced by simple targets removes any opportunity for expensive accidents, and the fully-automatic operation of the up/down movement of the cross-bar, synchronised with the lift, makes operation effortless and totally automated.

Undoubtedly one of the most widely used 3D wheel alignment systems in the UK, particularly favoured by high-volume fast-fit operations.

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megaline Ssence 600 3D/HD

3D 'Camera and Target' Imaging Aligner with UHD Technology

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