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Hofmann megaplan

megamount 813XL Racing

Everything everyone loves about the 700 and 800 series
megamount 813XL
megamount 813XL Racing megamount 813XL Racing

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This video demonstrates the Evo version of the megamount 813. To find out more about Evolution Tyre Changers click here.



Taking everything everyone loves about the 700 and 800 series of the last two decades, the 813XL introduces another well-known and 'loved by many' design feature into its high-end specification.

Anybody who remembers the parallelogram arm design of the 'Butler' machines of the '90s may well harbour fond memories of it's ease of use, but the odd nightmare about its contact with the rim despite the plastic demount tool.

Well, the 813 takes that parallel design but offers the automatic 'locking' of a traditional machine, ensuring that the head is never at any point in contact with the rim. Throwing in our classic (and still the best) leverless operation and you have the ultimate system.

Revolutionary QuadraClamp Technolgy

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Other notable features include the QuadraClamp turntable 4 cylinder turntable and brand new 'IntelliPro' dual assist arm system which gives us the simplest, most effective, and most ergonomic twin-assist arm design we have ever produced since we invented this (much copied, never quite equalled) design some 20 years ago.

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