Hofmann Megaplan's QuadraClamp Turntable

Our patented QuadraClamp system is, without question, the strongest, most reliable, and most functionally perfect turntable ever made. Let us explain why something that normally looks so mundane, is actually so important...

Traditionally, tyre changers have used two clamping cylinders to operate four clamps. A quadrant or ‘star’ plate under the turntable then drives the two ‘slave’ clamps simultaneously alongside the two ‘driven’ clamps. The new QuadraClamp system uses four clamping cylinders, one per clamp, resulting in a far more powerful clamp, distributed evenly, with consistent pressure through all 4 jaws. This is built to remain strong for the life of the machine, with greater reliability and lower associated ownership costs.

In fact, since we introduced it in 2008, we have never had to repair a single unit and we’ve sold 1000's!

Why is the QuadraClamp Turntable so good?

Our philosophy at Hofmann Megaplan has always been to provide the best possible engineering solution for every aspect, and the price is secondary. Never has this attitude been more appropriate than with QuadraClamp technology. We are talking about a marginal increase in price at the point of purchase literally saving you hundreds of pounds during the lifetime of a machine when compared to our rivals.  The benefits, therefore, including but limited to:


Have you ever experienced the rim slipping in the jaws under the stress of a tight tyre? Quadraclamp provides double the pressure, and so virtually eliminates this problem, even when using plastic jaw protectors on the clamps or handling the toughest run-flat tyre.


All four clamps slide back and forth in a perfectly smooth and synchronised movement. On a traditional two-cylinder turntable the ‘slave’ clamps become lazy as the quadrant plate distorts with use and the clamping becomes even more ineffective and less concentric.


The elimination of the traditional quadrant plate means there is virtually nothing mechanically to go wrong, and the four cylinders mean the clamping work is shared, halving the workload.


The introduction of the material from Du Pont ‘Arnite’ (a type of hardened, non-porous and wear-resistant plastic) into the jaw slide mechanism eliminates the traditional metal to metal contact. Incredibly, tests simulating 20 years of hard work in a high volume tyre shop showed no signs of wear or damage.


The new system provides a straight 10” to 26” clamping capability without the need for extensions or adjustment as used by our competitors.

QuadraClamp in just one example of what sets Hofmann Megaplan apart from the competition, whilst ensuring you get the best out of your investment.

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