Based or Baseless?

Based Two Post Lifts

A 2 post lift with base plate provides a more forgiving solution to those situations where the floor may not be the best quality, whether it is in terms of depth of concrete or indeed the level, as the baseplate provides a complete additional level of structural integrity to the lift. It also houses the means of syncronisation between the two columns, keeping the overall height of the lift to a minimum. Therefore a 'based' 2 Post Lift is often the best solution for those who have limitations posed upon them by their premises.

Baseless Two Post Lifts

A baseless 2 post lift provides an arguably more practical and aesthetically pleasing installation. The merits of a completely clear floor needs no explanation, and a row of baseless 2 post lifts in a larger garages is one of the nicest photo opportunities we get as a supplier! Our height-adjustable gantries on our range of baseless 2 post lifts mean we can work within the confines of varying roof heights, and our ingenious factory technicians have provided us with the capability to adjust the width of the columns to suit different applications.