Premium Wheel Balancers

An industry-leading range of machines from the Worlds largest wheel balancer manufacturer

Hofmann Megaplan's wheel balancers are at the forefront of technological advancements within the automotive equipment industry, whether it comes to cost saving on weights or ease of use. Our wheel balancers are designed to make your daily workshop operations run smoother, being swift and efficient in completing wheel balancing. We have a vast array of premium wheel balancers capable of accomplishing these advancements, including handspin, motorcycle balancers, passenger car and truck wheel balancing equipment.

Premium Wheel Balancers

megaspin 120

A massive step forward in wheel balancing technology

megaspin 220

Compact but BIG on features! | Virtual Sonar as standard

megaspin 420

The most advanced wheel balancer ever

megaspin 820

Additional benefit of a colour TFT display

megaspin 1200P

High speed, touchless operation. Laser Point Accuracy and no checkspin

One Weight Balance

• Save 35% on wheel weight consumption
• Reduce balancing time by 40%
• Balancers that are faster, simpler and save you money

Our 420, 820 and 1200P wheel balancers now boast a new software update known as "OWB - One Weight Balance". This will allow you to balance the steel or alloy wheel using just one weight! "This is also known as a static balancer" I hear you say? Not quite, to keep it simple; once OWB is done then the unbalance value will show zero. Once static is done it will still show a rest unbalance value.
These wheel balancers also come as standard with a laser to show exactly where the weights need placing. A bonus feature about this is, because of the precision of the laser, there's no need for a check spin saving your fitters time and increasing productivity!

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