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Cascos Continues Innovation & Introduces New Elite Colours for 2019

New for 2019, Cascos have introduced a stunning new colour scheme in their ever popular range of vehicle lifts!

Here at Hofmann Megaplan we partner with Cascos Lifts to provide the ultimate ATL MOT range, and are proud to present the launch of the new graphite colour scheme for the 'Elite' brand line.

As always, Cascos continue to supply in the Platinum colour scheme or indeed any other corporate colour schemes upon request.

Continuing Innovation

​Cascos have recently carried out an audit of all their materials and component suppliers in order to ensure full traceability of their origin and quality. As a result, the company can have absolute faith in the product they supply and this has resulted in the ability to support a class-leading 5 year warranty.

James Boon, EVP of Garage Equipment commenting on Cascos Lifts:

"It's a well recognised fact that, although you may pay more for the Cascos brand vs. a cheap vehicle lift from the Far East, the Cascos will be by far the cheaper buy in the long term, simply because of the length of life and cost of ownership along the way."

"We still get calls to service Cascos lifts that are 30 years old, which is testament to the build quality and justifies completely the initial outlay."

As the Chinese garage equipment market grows increasingly stronger and popular, Cascos continue to develop high quality and durable products that are able to withstand the test of time. The focus is on customers who place quality and longevity as the most important assets, leading to long term cost savings and efficiencies.

Interested in our Cascos range?

​Learn more about our Cascos ATL Lifts on our website today. Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 891011 to speak to one of our dedicated team for more information.

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One Weight Balance (OWB)

​With every garage trying to find new ways to increase the productivity of their workshops, our automotive program developers have found a solution to improving the efficiency of our most popular wheel balancers.

The One Weight Balance is a revolutionary new piece of software designed to increase speed and productivity in balancing, by allowing tyre fitters to use just a single solitary weight. In 2018, Hofmann Megaplan displayed this technology for the first time at Automechanika Frankfurt; however if you missed the chance to see it action, we explain the benefits in our OWB system blog.

​OWB Wheel Balancers

By applying the OWB software to our existing wheel balancer models, we have updated and upgraded the technology available to you. The OWB range currently includes:

More models are constantly being upgraded and added to the range so call now for the latest or browse our wheel balancers pages.

OWB means these balancing machines are simple, fast to use and with the introduction of OWB remain precise with balancing values. 

​Want to find out more about One Weight Balance technology? Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 891011 to speak to one of our dedicated team for more information.

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The Wheel Alignment Blog | 3 New Years Alignment Resolutions to make this year

Alignment is an ever evolving practice with technology meaning constant innovation. Making sure all the wheels point in the right direction is only the start now!

With so much changing in the world of wheel alignment systems and technology constantly making for new capabilities of our alignment machines, there are more services then ever before to offer and thus more revenue potential for your garage.

Here are our top 3 areas to watch out for in 2019 when it comes to your alignment system: 

Keep it Calibrated in 2019!

So often we get phone calls from customers complaining of issues with there aligner. Turns out the machine hasn't been calibrated in 2 years. Worst case I've seen machines go 3 years + without a calibration.

Hofmann Megaplan recommend calibrating Laser alignment systems every year while Computer machines should be calibrated every 6 months. This is simply because there are more measurements and to keep that extremely high level of accuracy the machine needs this regular check up.

Whilst we're there, using the latest software and database is essential. Failure to do so can mean not having the latest vehicle information and may lead to lost sales.

And voila you now have the latest machine out there.

ADAS Calibration Equipment - it's a no brainer!


ADAS (or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are a common occurrence on modern vehicles, designed to remove the scope for human error when driving. Of course if these have not been calibrated correctly the vehicle may not know which way is forward to begin with.

These cameras need to be calibrated. In fact any time you have work done on an area that houses a ADAS sensor, it should be recalibrated! Given that as a garage you are likely to work on one of these areas of the car, upgrading your aligner to include ADAS Calibration Systems could be a no brainer

Find out more about ADAS Calibration systems here

Selling Alignment in 2019 just got easier

Technology can even help you sell alignment service to your customers this year. Devices like TreadReader give you a hand held tread depth scanner that can be quickly rolled over all 4 tyres of a vehicle. From there a simple report is produced giving the customer information of the condition of tyres, alignment and key performance indicators like increase in stopping distance. These reports are hard to ignore and could save a drivers life where they otherwise may have carried on with unsafe tyres.

You can even use the TreadReader to build your business pipeline. A visitor to your garage might not need new tyres now but the information the TreadReader provides you with means you'll know when they will.

Find out more about the TreadReader here

Author | Warren Carr | Wheel Alignment Specialist

My name is Warren Carr and I'm from the team of alignment engineers at Hofmann Megaplan. I will be using this blog to regularly highlight some practical hints and tips which will help you, our garage professionals, achieve great results with your equipment, no matter the make of alignment machine.

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Offering Wheel Alignment: All You Need to Know

​With us now into the New Year, this is the ideal time for you to be thinking about the services you offer your customers and how you can do things differently in 2019. 

With new opportunities such ADAS calibration servicing equipment, the need for garages to be providing wheel alignment has never been more prominent.. that includes you!

Why should you offer wheel alignment? 

​Wheel alignment mean so many benefits to the customer, but you as a garage owner can also benefit immensely from providing this service. 

If you already offer tyre changing services then you really should be supplying wheel alignment as well. The two services run hand in hand to ensure that your customer's vehicle is performing as it should. Therefore, it won't surprise you to know that offering this as a service can not only increase your service offering, but can also increase your overall income. We have broken down the profit from alignment machine on our previous blog.

It's not just about Wheel Alignment

​Your Wheel Alignment Machine is good for more than just alignment! As well as charging your customers for this service the checks involved will help identify and fix any further issues e.g. worn, bent or damaged components/ This all equates to more profit for your business and happier customers!

Best Wheel Aligners Around

Being one of the industry-leading suppliers of tyre fitting equipment, we have a vast range of wheel aligners for every garage need and budget.

By now we're hoping that if you don't already offer the service, you're seeing the great value that can be gained by offering alignment. You can work this out for yourself by using our online revenue calculator now!

Need to purchase a industry-leading wheel alignment system? Check out our range of Wheel Aligners and ADAS Calibration Equipment today.

Contact us online now or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to speak to one of our dedicated team for more information.
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Case Study: Hughes Brothers Derby

We are pleased to share a quick snap from a recent vehicle lift install for the Hughes Bros

This Derby based BMW and prestige car specialists, which have been in business for over 20 years, opted for three Hofmann Megaplan megalift 4000-2 in their workshop. 

With luxury features including automatic, electronic safety release, medium and high reach pads as standard and sill-protectors on the upper part of the lifting arms, these lifts are built to withstand the test of time and will fit right in with the Hughes Brothers independent and professional business offering.

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ADAS Diagnostics Explained

Everything in today's world is becoming more technologically advanced including vehicles. The standard inbuilt systems are becoming more intelligent meaning maintenance and servicing requires new knowledge and kit.

Here at Hofmann Megaplan, we are making sure the garage equipment we offer is up to date with the latest capabilities. This also means up to our industry-leading standards. The latest of these advancements that is becoming more common on the road is ADAS Systems. You could be dealing with vehicles already that have ADAS as standard but are you ready for ADAS calibration

Types of ADAS 

ADAS means vehicles are now more intelligent then ever before. They collect and use data in new ways to keep drivers safe. These uses include but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Adaptive High Beams
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Collision Warning/ Detection System
  • Driver Monitoring (Drowsiness Detection)
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Night Vision
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Parking Assist (Rear View Cameras)
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

Vehicles fitted with ADAS technology will have cameras mounted centrally on the windscreen. This means when a windscreen is replaced, the ADAS will require re-calibration to ensure all systems are working correctly. Advanced ADAS systems can also include cameras and sensors in the front and rear bumpers and wing mirrors for full 360 degree applications. the number of scenarios where work is completed that requires recalibration of these systems is endless and failing to do so can result in customers leaving your garage in danger.

Keeping up to date with ADAS

The team at Hofmann Megaplan regularly undergo training on the latest systems including most recently an ADAS training day at our showroom. Technology is constantly changing our industry and we place an extremely high value on investing in our people to ensure they continue providing above and beyond service backed up by their knowledge.

We make sure all of our engineers and sales team have the exact understanding needed to deal with your garages specific requirements, from picking out the right equipment to training you up on its use.

Need to upgrade your alignment system to feature ADAS calibration? Check out ADAS calibration systems on our website today and contact us online now or call us today on 01480 891011 to find out if your system is compatible with ADAS Diagnostic and calibration systems.

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Does your garage need an alignment salesman?

Look no further than the Hofmann Megaplan TreadReader, capable of diagnosing misalignment and tyre wear condition in a way that informs customers and increases service sales.

This hand-held alignment technology provides an instant visual health check and promises to boost the sales of your alignment services.

James Boon, EVP of Garage Equipment on the TreadReader

"There is something about human nature that makes many of us naturally suspicious when someone tells you that you have to spend money! However, the TreadReader presents the customer with a very real appraisal of their tyres, in a color-coded and numbered format which is easy to understand, on a report that simply can't be argued with. It removes any doubt or apprehension in its entirety."

The unit itself is lightweight, robust (the company claims it has the same characteristics of the well-known brand hammer Drill) meaning it can withstand the volume use of a heavy-handed technician and requires just a few seconds to run over all 4 tyres for instant upload to a smartphone or tablet via the TreadReader App, which can then be converted into a hard printout or emailable document.

The TreadReader is the device taking the tyre and alignment industry by storm with its ability to inform customers in a clear and concise manner of the dangers their vehicle might be putting them in. The added bonus? A boost in business for garages that might otherwise have been missed out on. 

For more information on this innovative technology, take a look at the TreadReader on our website now.

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 8-9-10-11 to book a showroom appointment and see the TreadReader in action!

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Case Study: JP Alloys

Hofmann Megaplan were recently pleased to return to JP Alloys in Cannock to fit a range of new lifts from the Cascos range as well as Tyre Fitting Equipment and own brand 2 post lifts.

Having worked with Hofmann Megaplan before, the company had always been happy with the quality and service offered and so choose to re engage with them on this project.

JP Alloys is a busy wheel refurbishment shop based in Bridgtown, working on a variety of cars covering all shapes and sizes. As one of the fastest growing alloy wheel refurbishment companies in the UK, JP Alloys employs only the latest technology at their cutting edge facility to repair, diamond cut and coat wheels to original manufacturer's standards. They can also provide bespoke finishes to clients' custom specifications.

On this occasion JP Alloys were looking for a reliable mid-rise scissor lift. This was to increase both the number and variety of cars that could be worked on.

Hofmann Megaplan were pleased to install a number of lifts with more to come, including the Cascos S255 mid-rise scissor lift and the megalift 4000-2 two post vehicle lift.

Tyre fitting equipment was also supplied as part of this install including the megamount 713 Evo and megaspin 420.

Andy Ringrose, Sales Manager at Hofmann Megaplan commented "JP Alloys and Darren have always been a pleasure to deal with and it has been a delight to continue supplying them with high quality lifts and tyre fitting equipment as the business continues to grow. We look forward to continuing our work with the company."

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Case Study: Mercedes Workshop

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Smart X Tyre Changer

Introducing from Hofmann Megaplan the newly renowned megamount Smart X tyre changer, the 'Ultimate Offering' in tyre removal machinery.

The megamount Smart X tyre changer combines advanced technology with safety intelligence, that allows this fully automated process to complete handling of any class 4 vehicle tyre with ease and proficiency.

What is different about the Smart X?

​As any new piece of garage equipment should do, the Smart X has introduced many new features that the industry hasn't seen before including:

​Fail Safe Dead Man System

​3D Mass Calculation via Twin Lasers

World Wide BMW Approval

Alongside these revolutionary capabilities, the Smart X also demonstrates the quality that has come to be synonymous with Hofmann Megaplan; the simplicity of the design, space efficiency and the intelligence of the technology to increase productivity within your garage.

For more information on the Smart X tyre changer, take a look at it's page now...

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 891011 to book an appointment to our showroom to see the megamount Smart X in action!

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New Service Van

Due to our increasing work load in Scotland, we have now employed a new engineer to help keep on top of the game and to keep your garage services running as smooth as possible.

We are thrilled to have Ewan on board, who takes charge of our new fleet vehicle servicing and installing our high quality equipment.

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Allerton tyres – Liverpool

Allerton tyres have their new Ecoline 88 installed.

The ecoline 88 includes some luxury additional features such as 3-point 'GrabClamps', heavy duty mechanical turnplates and advanced measuring heads making full 4 wheel alignment even easier and faster.

The 'GrabClamps' mean that the measuring head is mounted to the wheel using sprung-loaded 'arms' that grab the tyre, and 3 nylon locators on the rim, ensuring there is no metal to metal contact.

Computerised alignment enables you to charge a premium for your alignment service, simply because you are able to provide the customer with a printout showing 'before and after'. The ecoline 88 will give the same results as competitors' systems that are literally 5 times the price, and is perfect for those business that want the benefit of built-in vehicle database, live readings & technical prompts, and a customer printout, without the heavy investment traditionally required.

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James Wilson

James Wilson takes delivery of his truck tyre changer.

The megamount 752 is a heavy duty tyre changer for truck and plant applications. Boasting a rim diameter capability of 14" to 56", O.D of 2300mm (90.5"), and rim width up to 1065mm (42"), this model is a great 'all-rounder' for anything from buses to heavy plant machinery. Again, a 2 speed chuck and portable control unit complete the luxury specification. Available in 3ph.

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SJB Autotech, Basingstoke

 SJB Autotech in Basingstoke have their new tyre fitting equipment installed! 

The megamount 303 packed with assist arms for those runflat tyres and the megaspin 200-2V, look at ease in their new home and are ready for action.

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Hills Motors

Hills motors take delivery of their new tyre fitting equipment, with a neat and tidy installation from our engineers.

The Ecomount 22 plus and the Junior Lite wheel balancer are an excellent choice for garages and MoT stations, who cannot justify a premium tyre changer and balancer.

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South staffs water Walsall

 South staffs water have their new tyre changer installed into their workshop.

The megamount 503 Racing builds on the heavy duty structure and premium specification of the megamount 303, yet offers the increased versatility, rigidity and speed of operation offered by the additional pneumatics of a fully automatic machine.

With a heavy duty structure and versatile clamping capability of 10" to 24" (22" external), the megamount 503 Racing offers an incredible price / performance ratio, and this brand new 2014 model boasts an increased column height and bead breaker opening to enable it to handle rims up to 15" wide. The inclusion of our famous 'megafit 2' robotic assist arm ensures full capability with ultra-low profile and run-flat tyres.

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MOT Bays: Our Service

As you know by now, the Hofmann Megaplan's ATL MOT site has moved! However that doesn't change the impeccable service we aim to give all the companies we have supplied garage equipment to, and worked with to achieve the best possible result for their MOT Bays.

Our specialist division for handling automotive testing equipment within the workshop, works tirelessly to make sure your ATL MOT workshop operations run efficiently with minimal interruption. We ensure we have individuals with the correct knowledge and skills, working with you on these projects to guarantee maximum productivity and minimum time to delivery and installation of your MOT Testing Equipment.

What do we offer?

Having been a leading supplier of garage and MOT equipment since 1931, our product standards are of the highest quality and we wouldn't supply equipment with the famous 'H' logo on it, if we didn't feel it was up to scratch.

We can supply test equipment for:

Visit Hofmann Megaplan ATL MOT now for more information. 

Contact us online or call us today on 01480 891011 to book an appointment with our ATL/MOT specialists.

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Smithy Garage motor services (Sheffield)

Smithy Garage motor services have their new tyre equipment installed.

The Ecomount 22plus tyre changer and Junior balancer are an excellent choice for garages and MoT stations who cannot justify a premium package, but need a tyre changer to be able to handle run-flat tyres etc and a balancer that is quick and easy to set up and use. The package eliminates the risk factor in buying an unknown brand for the sake of price.

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T mcquillen motor engineers, (Oldham)

T Mcquillen motor engineers have their new equipment installed into their busy workshop.

An excellent choice for garages who cannot justify a premium package, but need a tyre changer to be able to handle run-flat tyres etc and a balancer that is quick and easy to set up and use. The package eliminates the risk factor in buying an unknown brand for the sake of price.

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The CV Show 2018 – Live Truck Tyre Changer Demo!

The team at Hofmann Megaplan are pleased to be returning to the Commercial Vehicle Show for 2018 with a Live Demonstration on Stand 4E90.

The CV Show 2018, which takes place over the 24th, 25th and 26th of April is renowned in the industry for being the best-attended event of its kind. Delegates visiting the NEC Birmingham will have the opportunity to see the most comprehensive collection of road transport and commercial vehicle suppliers in the UK.

With close to 21,000 expected to be in attendance, Hofmann Megaplan are pleased to present a live demonstration of their famous 352 truck tyre changer!

It's also a chance to see the great range of commercial products available for purchase now, including truck equipment, dual balancers for truck and van, nitrogen tyre inflation systems and truck alignment machines.

The friendly Hofmann team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have on the day.

Free tickets are still available so don't miss out on this opportunity to meet with sector supplies and see the great showcase of equipment Hofmann Megaplan have on offer at stand 4E90.

You can contact us now by email or request a callback to arrange a time to see the 352 truck tyre changer in action! Live Demonstrations will be happening throughout the 3-day show.

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