D and R Tyres Durham

"We looked at various vehicle lifts and alignment machines. We even sat and discussed some with my accountant and felt that the outlay was a huge gamble. Others, well we will leave that there, as they never returned to the site.

From the initial viewing of the Hofmann Megaplan alignment machine, we noticed how quickly we would be able to get a reading. We wanted to make sure we could align 16 seater Mercedes Benz buses so the ramp size was always going to be important.

Roll forward to a completed install of a 6-tonne ramp and the Megaplan Ssence. The install has taken 48 hours, exactly as planned. Training on the alignment equipment has been done and we have noticed that the speed to get a reading is outstanding.

What was taking us 35 minutes with our old machine from another supplier now takes us 4 minutes. That is to get a reading and includes inputting data. We have another screen fitted in the customer waiting area so they can see exactly what is happening to their car. This also means our office staff can speak with the customer regarding the alignment.

Thanks again Hofmann Megaplan, great install and a great team."

You can find plenty more photos, including some of the larger vehicles they've already aligned, on their Facebook page. Visit the D and R Tyres website to find out how this business is setting itself apart from the competition with the help of Hofmann Megaplan.