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Wheel Alignment Machines

Hofmann Megaplan leads the automotive industry with our expertise in wheel alignment systems

Offering a wide range of high quality wheel alignment machines from Laser aligners, CCD computer controlled aligners to 3D & HD alignment systems! Our models include the megalign system 4 (both trolley and wall mounted), Ecoline 88, SSence 600, SSence Ultra & now introducing our newest addition the Pulse 8 wheel aligner. The Pulse 8 boasts a 3D style run-out compensation without the crucifix & ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) saving your business space and time whilst also increasing productivity!

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Wheel Alignment

ecoline 58

Fully computerised CCD wheel aligner

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megaline 88

Fully computerised CCD wheel aligner

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LOGIK 6 Premium Wheel Aligner

3 Point FastClamps, ANPR and an all-new design make this one of our most user-friendly, compact aligners to date.

megaline Ssence 600 3D/HD

Most Accurate Technology on the Market! New HD/3D technology

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megaline Ssence ULTRA

New HD/3D aligner with integrated handheld tread depth tool

The ULTRA sets a totally new standard in wheel alignment.

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Hand held TreadReader

Revolutionary Handheld Pre Check Tool

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TreadSmart 2

Automatic Drive-Over Tread Depth Measurement and Tyre Health Check

Hofmann Megaplan Drive-Over Tyre Health Check unit is the perfect partner to any garage or tyre shop selling tyres or alignment.

Simply drive the vehicle over to get instant readings and advisory information such as tread depth, adverse tyre wear, mis-alignment and under/over inflation issues – all of which results in additional tyre and alignment sales, as well as providing undisputed data and credibility with your customers. The software can be integrated into any compatible alignment machine to avoid duplication of PC systems and printer set ups.

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megalign System 4

Highly profitable and technically valuable laser alignment

megaline System 4 (T version) – Portable Trolley Type
megaline system 4 (W Version) – Wall Mounted Type
12v version for mobile use and budget 2 wheel version also available.

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BMW Approved Aligner

BMW Approved 3D Wheel Alignment Systems

BMW Approved, Tower-Free Space-Saving 3D Alignment System

BMW-specific software and Clamps set this apart from conventional alignment systems.

Fully-approved, this unit is based on our space-saving, Tower-Free system which eliminates the additional space requirement required of traditional 'crucifix' style 3D Aligners.

Includes technician training from Factory-Approved Installers.

Mercedes-Benz Approved Aligner

Mercedes-Benz Approved 3D Wheel Alignment Systems

Mercedes-Benz Approved, Tower-Free Space-Saving 3D Alignment System

This fully-approved system is supplied with additional lift brackets, making this a truly portable 3D alignment system.

Based on our space-saving, Tower-Free system, this design eliminates the additional space requirement required of traditional 'crucifix' style 3D Aligners.

All software and prompts have been created in conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz, and comprehensive training from factory-approved technicians is included as standard.

Types of wheel alignment systems

Our range of wheel alignment systems has been carefully developed by the Hofmann Megaplan team based on extensive application knowledge and experience. This means the right solutions are stocked to meet your requirements, making the process of investing in new wheel alignment systems easy and effective.

Why choose Hofmann wheel alignment machines?

Hofmann Megaplan’s fully computerised range of machines will deliver a comprehensive wheel alignment service to your customers. Designed with ease of use for Alignment Technicians in mind, all wheel alignment machines stocked by Hofmann Megaplan are tested by our team first who endeavour to become product experts before the alignment system is handed over to you.

Serious about having the best wheel alignment system?

The flagship model in the Hofmann Megaplan range of aligners is theSsence 600 UHD. This machine comes complete with a 32” display screen and an automatic camera bar which intuitively moves up and down, synchronised with the movement of the ramp. This equipment shows the motorist that you are truly serious about providing the best wheel alignment facility available today.

Laser wheel alignment equipment

If you’re looking for entry-level wheel alignment equipment we have machines for sale including the 4-wheel laser alignment systems. This is available with a variety of options including wall-mounted and trolley-mounted alignment kits.

Looking for a mobile alignment system?

Did you know there is a 12v version of the 4-wheel laser alignment system which is ideal for mobile wheel alignment applications. For quick alignment checks there is the 2-wheel system. This allows you to do the basic toe in / toe out measurements.

Used wheel alignment equipment for sale UK

We regularly update our sales page with ex-demo models or equipment that has only been used in our showroom or at trade shows. This means that you may be able to find a wheel alignment system that suits your requirements whilst making a saving. Check the for sale page now for ourused wheel alignment equipment.

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