Premium Wheel Alignment

IMI training centreAt Hofmann Megaplan, we like to use the phrase 'all angles covered' when it comes to wheel alignment.

Of course this has a reference to the capability of the alignment machines themselves, but it also points to the fact we offer a diverse range of product to suit all budgets and preferences. Our team of alignment experts are the first to tell us that alignment (or 'tracking' as many still call it), is very subjective, and therefore we go to great lengths to ensure that, whatever works for you, we can accommodate, whether that is Laser, CCD, or 3D Imaging Technology.

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Premium Wheel Alignment

megaline Ssence 650

Probably the best value 3D aligner on the market today!

megaline 3D 3500HD

Advanced 3D wheel alignment system for the professional workshop

Sphere 3D Wheel Aligner

Quite simply, the ultimate in wheel alignment technology


Drive-Thru Alignment & Tyre Inspection System

Heat Mate Induction Heater

Common workshop processes become a breeze including the unseizing of bolts, Track rod ends and ball joints.

Types of wheel alignment systems

Our range of wheel alignment systems has been carefully developed by the Hofmann Megaplan team based on extensive application knowledge and experience. This means the right solutions are stocked to meet your requirements, making the process of investing in new wheel aligner easy and effective.

Why choose Hofmann Megaplan wheel alignment machines?

Hofmann Megaplan’s fully computerised range of machines will deliver a comprehensive wheel alignment service to your customers. Designed with ease of use for Alignment Technicians in mind, all wheel alignment machines for sale that are stocked by Hofmann Megaplan are tested by our team first who endeavour to become product experts before the alignment system is handed over to you.

Serious about having the best wheel alignment system?

The flagship model in the Hofmann Megaplan range of wheel aligners is the Ssence 600 UHD. This machine comes complete with a 32” display screen and an automatic camera bar which intuitively moves up and down, synchronised with the movement of the ramp. This equipment shows the motorist that you are truly serious about providing the best wheel alignment facility available today.

Laser wheel alignment equipment

If you’re looking for entry-level wheel alignment equipment we have machines for sale including the 4-wheel laser alignment systems. This is available with a variety of options including wall-mounted and trolley-mounted alignment kits.

Looking for a mobile alignment system?

Did you know there is a 12v version of the 4-wheel laser alignment system which is ideal for mobile wheel alignment applications. For quick alignment checks there is the 2-wheel system. This allows you to do the basic toe in / toe out measurements.

Used wheel alignment equipment for sale UK

We regularly update our sales page with ex-demo models or equipment that has only been used in our showroom or at trade shows. This means that you may be able to find a wheel alignment system that suits your requirements whilst making a saving. Check the for sale page now for our used wheel alignment equipment.

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